Cause of biting tongue and the method of prevention

Food and eating in a hurry, sometimes biting my tongue in teeth or never. I very much doubt there is biting the middle of the tongues. I tried to find a way to bite my tongue a little.

Working of tongue

There is a mass like the muscle that is called a tongue in the mouth. The tongue is connected with the bottom of the mouth in the tongue base ([zekkon]). It changes it, and in the shape of the tongue, can freely it project, and food to some degree be moved at the will of me the movement of the tongue.

Tongue chewing food, or to have an important role for audio pronunciations, taste or feel the other, which also helps to check your food into the stomach. Chewing also helps when mixed with digestive function of saliva is also performed work easier to swallow food.

Position of tongue bitten with teeth

The tongue pants occasionally and might bite during no [shin] though usually often bites the edge of the tongue when the tongue is bitten with teeth. It is possible to wonder very much. It is understood that the movement of the tongue is large more than thinking though it eats biting while moving food here and there by the tongue when eating. Please bite while thinking how the tongue is going now when food is bitten. I think that this is understood well.

Cause of biting tongue

It is not possible to specify it for a cause of biting the tongue. Generally, the tongue is a god and is breathed in at tired time and bad health. It bites without making the bitten operation always done good by tiredness and bad health.

During the meal, eating in a hurry, while eating some other things, especially when you eat hot stuff, the experience may well bite your tongue a few times to me.

Next, the probability that the person from whom the tongue has taken side with the big person and the cheek meaty originally comparatively also bites the tongue and [hooniku] rises. The jaw of modern people to whom biting the hard one decreased has been becoming small compared with men of old times. The probability of coming to having bad teeth and biting the tongue and the cheek rises because the sizes of teeth do not change even if the jaw becomes small.

It is not likely to be able to correspond to the change yet though the environment in the mouth changed greatly as other causes after the treatment of teeth. Moreover, it is a god and breathing in of the tongue. there are teeth with a bad god matchThis has the experience also by me. I have been embarrassed because it frequently bites the tongue when covering with teeth has not been put while treating the molar yet.

When the muscle of the tongue becomes hard due to the cold, the movement of the muscle might worsen, and the tongue be bitten. It might be good if the tongue moves before it eats and it goes through a warm-up.

The tongue moves by the brain's working. It is possible to bite the tongue even if there are some troubles on the brain. Besides, when the cause is not found at all, it is necessary to doubt the brain.

Method of not biting tongue

The method of not biting the tongue is to remove the above-mentioned cause. In a word, meal is not to eat slowly taking, and in a hurry. When the match of the god with teeth is bad, teeth are treated. It is also important before the meal to often do the movement of the tongue.

Evil of a bite of tongue

When the tongue is bitten many times, the wound will be restored many times. Moreover, bacteria might breed from the bitten wound. Do not bite the tongue with teeth as much as possible because it becomes the cause of generation of the tongue cancer ([zetsugan] and tongue cancer). The person who bites his tongue often recommends consulting the doctor when abnormality is felt because the state of the tongue is sometimes checked even a little.