Split waist, squat, Tai Chi (back pain, knee pain measures)

It looks like doing "Shiko" of the sumo wrestling with the "Koshiwari" (Split waist). As for this, seem it is possible to do easily and the effect to be very large. It seems to be good also for lumbago, the pain in the knee, and the pelvis correction. As for the Squat, musculus iliopsoas and a large gluteus the muscular between thighs are strengthened from the waist though the upper leg muscle attaches to Split waist.

Necessity of a muscle bulk increase

An increase in the muscle bulk urges generation of heat of the body. It is important also for preventing various sicknesses such as the allergic disease, the chronic rheumatism, lumbago, the stiff neck, and the cystitis that happen to the woman due to the decrease in the immunity because of a lot of getting cold that is.

The decreasing rate becomes intense by becoming aged in general though the muscle bulk decreases gradually from 20-30 years old. That is, a decrease in the amount of the activity of daily life becomes a decrease in muscular power. And, the amount of the activity decreases further when muscular power decreases. It might be more important not to decrease muscular power than to reinforce muscular power when becoming aged.

Muscular power is reinforced to maintain life health when it is young, and so as not to decrease muscular power as much as possible, I want to take care not to neglect the movement in daily life.

Method of Split waist

First of all, both feet are opened from breadth of one's shoulders in making known a little and it stands. It opens outside as greatly as possible the foot ahead. The waist is slowly lowered to the height level of the knee. Next, it stops it in this side extended to the pin though the slow get off one's ass. The above is slowly done spending about five seconds or more.

About ten times a degree are done twice in the morning and the evening. Let's try because it is such effective in easy operation. It straightens one's spine, and it is made not to stoop as much as possible. Previous and after, you may unite your hand without supporting it by the both arms.

Effect of Split waist

A large gluteus and musculus iliopsoas of hips are chiefly forged in the Split waist. It is said that a large gluteus is needed when running in a large thigh by the muscle to progress or walking up the stairs. When these muscles are strengthened, it is effective also against the pain in the knee and lumbago, etc.

I was the pain in a right knee, and started the Split waist. It seems to be very good because it compares, and there is no impact on the knee with walking and running.

It can keep is easy because it is good in 1-2 minutes every day. The muscle adheres little by little, and it is effective also in the joint pain of lumbago and the knee. It seems to be good also for the correction of the distortion of the pelvis. If the muscle adheres, the loss in weight can be expected.

The blood stream of the lower half of the body improves when the lower half of the body is strengthened. Then, getting cold and swelling are improved. It is effective also in working of the large intestine and the improving constipation.

About squat and the effect

Moreover, squat is operation to extend the knee to both shoulders by bearing, to squat down from the posture of standing upright to the place where the upper surface of a large thigh lowers more than the top part of the knee once, and to stand up as for the barbell. This is called doing is squat without the barbell.

It is said that the quadriceps muscle of thigh in the anterior region of thigh will be strengthened in squat. The quadriceps muscle of thigh is a muscle that works when standing up from the sitting-up position with the muscle of the maximum lower limbs that makes the swelling of the anterior region of thigh. When these muscles are strengthened by squat, it is effective also against the pain in the knee and lumbago, etc.

About Tai Chi chuan and the effect

There is operation that looks like the Split waist and squat very well in Tai Chi chuan. There is an effect of training the lower body, and it is possible to be promoted health even with Tai Chi chuan. The body can be kept a stable footing by taking posture that looks like the Split waist and squat, and movement can be changed quickly.