My rules of health

The person has differences such as the physique and each moving ability is different, and whether there is a chronic disease. Therefore, rules of health are not the same either. Good rules of health for a certain person are not necessarily good also for another person.

My previous history and chronic disease

I took to heart valve disease before entering elementary school suffered from rheumatic fever. The disease itself has become increasingly well in the process of growth. However, I have become incurable disease for life.

Then, the infected child, now from duodenal ulcers after H. pylori by the age of twenty. This could be cured with the eradication of H. pylori in the stomach in 1999.

When working in the electronics store, it was not deeply in debt because of lack of physical activity, and became sick with 40 shoulders or 50 shoulders.

It hung to the articular rheumatism that came to swell the joint of the shoulder, the hand, and the knee and not to bend easily in around 2002. The symptom might progress at time though this is improved now.

My rules of health

The one that is called rules of health that I am doing now is the movements of the cycling, walking, the horizontal bar movement, the sit-up, the cold water friction, the scrubbing brush friction, and the waist remunerative movement, etc.Moreover, it eats the one that LG21 was cultured for Helicobacter Pylori's re-prevention of transmission every day.

Heart disease measures

It seems not to be rather good that the heart doesn't move at all. It has been understood that you should multiply a moderate load by the heart by a moderate movement from the experience of me longtime.

Other movements were not especially limited though an intense movement of the marathon etc. was being limited by the doctor. I have done them as long as it likes cycling and walking, and time permits since it is young.

The cycling might ride for a long time, and might ride on the bicycle for about 30 minutes every day the long distance. The experience of the long distance cycling has done 1 time in Biwako, Awajishima, and San-in (Shimane Prefecture from Hyogo Prefecture) coast cycling. There is a cycling experience from Osaka to Okayama, too.

Helicobacter Pylori measures (re-prevention of transmission)

I removed Helicobacter Pylori in the stomach in 1999. However, it eats the LG21 yogurt to prevent the secondary tuberculosis every day. I usually think that you should make assurance doubly sure of the fear of the secondary tuberculosis for the adult though it was not. It is my sticking to.

Joint rheumatism measures

The symptom of the articular rheumatism went out to the joint of the digitus manus, the shoulder, and the knee in around 2002. I hear that it might be an articular rheumatism according to the doctor. I started the cold water friction of immunity so that the medicine at this time manage not to be gotten at all, and to do by me by myself because I was sick. It improved day by day when trying, and it recovered almost in about three months.

Afterwards, the symptom of the articular rheumatism went out several times when the cold water friction was neglected. When cold water rubs, the symptom has mysteriously improved it in every case. The whole body rubs with scrubbing brush after the shower of cold water now. It is very understood that the physical condition improves.

It is likely to come to have high blood pressure when aging. The person with a high blood pressure must not rub cold water though I am not high blood pressure. Please stop it in extent of rubbing with a dry towel at least.

40 shoulders and 50 shoulder measures

In the electronics store, the refrigerator and the washing machine were often carried. There was what where my neck did not turn many times on the next day. It massaged it in every case.

The horizontal bar was installed in lack of physical activity and the stairs at home and the edge of the passage though it was this repetition like every year. It hangs from a bar before it sleeps to the time that occurs every day, and it does chinning exercises, and 10-15 times and usual feet are bent to become previous at right angles with the body and a geostationary movement is done.

This was very effective. After coming to have done this, the neck never never became painful.

Moreover, the joint of the shoulder had been hurt while working. Because it had a pain in the shoulder, the joint of the shoulder was not able to be moved. Then, I became the sickness nature of the shoulder. This seems is good for prevention the movement of this horizontal bar.

Rules of health are done every day.

Rules of health are not effective if it doesn't do every day. Doing every day is still the best. It is a counterproductivity to say nothing of the movement too much. The level of the movement also has the best amount and strength depending on the person. The method of suiting to me is found, and the healthy through life one.