For the comfortable sleep

The number of those who become lack of sleep due to work, the stress, and sleep apnea syndrome by obesity, etc. has increased recently. It thought how I came to be able to sleep comfortably.

Sleep and the necessity

About the life 1/4-1/3 of us is time when thinking to be asleep though it is mysterious. It has been sleeping for totaling about as many as 20-27 years when the life is assumed to be about 80 years. I want to sleep comfortably if the sleep is necessary by all means.

It was thought that sleeping in old times was necessary to be tired the brain and the body, and to take a rest. However, it has been understood that being sleeping becomes deep sleep and becomes shallow from the brain wave and the ocular movement while sleeping by the research afterwards.

Non rapid eye movement sleep that brain enters state of rest when first attaching to sleep (deep sleep). Next, REM sleep on which a part of brain acts (REM and Rapid Eye Movement to have dream with slumber)Having repeated 4-5 times at this 1 and a half hours-two cycles of the hour at night is usual sleep.

Environment for comfortable sleep

There is often what doesn't occur until the morning at all either when sleeping being possible to sleep comfortably once though I am sleeping in the following environments.

Condition of bedroom

Not being possible to sleep quietly if the environmental condition of the bedroom is bad is natural. The quiet surrounding is necessary. to the firstNext, a moderate temperature and humidity are necessary. Moreover, moderate darkness is necessary.

Because these have the individual variation, everyone doesn't limit that it is comfortable in the same condition. I thought that the following conditions were good from a longtime trial and error.

Condition of bedding

Because bedding also has the individual variation, it cannot be indiscriminately said that any is good. Making to it warm with a comforter not too heavy with a pillow not too high and a sheet group not too soft and sleeping are general.

Next, it introduces my case.

Height and hardness of pillow for quiet sleep

Height and the hardness of the pillow are very important for sleeping quietly. Especially, when the load rests upon the neck and the spine if height is not suitable, and it gets up in the morning, it might be annoyed by headache, lumbago, and the insomnia feeling.

You seem should not go up too much when the body is sideways turned and it sleeps the head, not fall too much the height of the pillow, and in view of side, become straight the spine. Under such a condition, the head enters a state curved by about 15 degrees above the horizontal when becoming upward.

Moreover, hard one seems may turn over in bed easily as for the hardness of the pillow. It is not a pillow of [kochikochi] even if it is hard but it is hardness of extent in which the bath towel is paved in 2-6 piles in a hard square cushion.

(Do for NHK on February 6, 2008 above and from broadcasting [gatten]. )

I tried sleeping thus. It was possible to sleep very comfortably though it was felt a little that the pillow was high than the current.

Preparation and time of going to bed

It refrains from meal before it goes to bed, and it spends it quietly for a while with not the fluorescent lamp of the daylight color but the lighting of darkness of the warm color group that the color temperature is low like the lamp or lamp color fluorescent lamp. You will listen to the soft music than watch television.

Bedtime is the most important because of the comfortable sleep. It will be made to go to bed by 11:00PM though it thinks this for the individual variation to exist. Worsening very afterwards, going to sleep doesn't apply it to deep sleep as 0:00AM - 1:00AM comes.

Sleeping time

This seems to sleep about five hours or more comfortably because of the long experience, too and not to remain until the next day tiredness. If possible, you seem should sleep for 7-8 hours. You need not sleep any more.

Even if it is not likely to be able to sleep, it is the one that is the sleep in about "The body feels rested if it lays oneself down quietly" while not knowing the idea.

It moves to well-lit room, it pulls the drapes, light on the outside is bathed in, and the body clock is reset when getting up in the morning.

About the catnap

When it eats lunch, everyone is the one that becomes sleepy a little. The body is refreshing if it takes a nap there by about 10-20 minutes if time permits. If it is such a catnap, it seems not to influence the sleep at night.