About the electronic ion water

The supermarket opened near my shop recent. The wife and the procession have queued up without knowing any circumstances for me because I say that the container of the electronic ion water is distributed free of charge before it opens.

E-ionized water again? What what? Looking at the written explanation I do not know. I think where I wrote.

What is the electronic ion water?

What one is the electronic ion water (negative air ion water)?It is written that it is a neutral in the supermarket flyer. How is "Bleaching powder" going if tap water was processed?

It is water very put on a strong electric field of the exchange of about 3000V for a long time when retrieving it by "Electronic water".

There is a site where electron of the minus (ion) easily is written that it is entered water, too. Is it the one that a lot of electrons enter water only by multiplying the electric field of the exchange?I think that there is something that a high voltage of the minus of direct current is applied in old times.

Feature and effect of electronic water

Is electronic water what feature and effective? When the result of searching the Internet was synthesized, the following was written.

My opinion

It is my conclusion that it is "Counterfeit the one" and "Negligent the one" after all similar to "Magnetic processing water" that I wrote by how to choose the product and "Product that generates the negative air ion".

In information on electronic water that exists in the net, it is the reason that there is no scientific basis. The theory that becomes the base must be in the textbook of the junior high school, the high school, and the university if there is a scientific basis.

There is no word "Negative air ion" in the textbook. "Negative ion" comes out in the middle school textbook.

However, the person taken in is abundant. I do not believe.