Symptom and treatment of insect sticking

Mosquitoes and gnats (helmet) that due to insect bites, such as Abu, and that itch to scratch, made a lot of red skin rash may be difficult to heal. After a mosquito bite in my country, now this.

What is the insect bite (strophulus and prurigo)?

It is itchy after the insect sticking (itchy) an inflammatory reaction of the accompanied skin, and it is a feature that itchy is strong. Eczema with a red size at the red bean level can be likely to be done a lot, and to continue to the skin long. The one that recovers early is called an acute prurigo, and the case where it continues for months is called a chronic prurigo.

The one that often happens to an infancy child of an acute prurigo is called a strophulus infantum. The bacillus might enter there scratching because itchy is strong, the secondary infection be caused, and it cause the scabby mouth (It is a lamplight jumping).

Photograph of my foot that is insect bite (strophulus and prurigo)

Photograph of my foot that is insect bite

After the insect bite, this photograph is a foot under the knee of me who got strophulus because it is itchy when scratching.

When all are not the marks of the insect bite, and scratch because it is itchy, it is eczema that can be done. Excluding this and places of the part that was able to be done how many were made only at the left of the left leg. It was not made at all in a right part of the left leg.

It is in the left-hand segment of the right leg there was nothing in a right part of the right leg though it was made a little more, too. It is the one to do mysterious pat how to come.

It scratches without knowing while it is sleeping because it is itchy becoming like this. It is the one that doesn't recover easily. Eczema rises, gets black gradually, and becomes hard.

The insect seems not to limit to the mosquito, the black fly, the horse fly, and the bee, and to happen the flea, the tick, and caterpillars such as [iraga] and [chadokuga].

I did not originally think the dream to become it like this in the insect bite in the allergic predisposition though I was weak one.

Strophulus:Cause of the prurigo.

It is thought a kind of allergic sensitivity though the cause of strophulus is not clear. Strophulus is thought to be a hypersensitive reaction to [mushidoku] by happening often after the insect bite.

It might cause other sicknesses though a chronic prurigo might become after the insect bite, too. (diabetic, trouble in one's stomach and intestines, liver complaint, and haematological disorder, etc.)

Method of treatment of insect bite (strophulus and prurigo)

Both are allopathies though treated to itchy by the histamine-antagonizing agent by using the steroid medicine for external application (adrenal corticosteroid) for the eruption. I think that you may use the itchy stop for the first stage because originally strong itchy and scratching are the causes.

What rises and became hard is frozen with the liquid nitrogen similarly to taking away Ivo and the corn by dermatology and taken. It is possible to take it surely though it is cold and has a slight pain.

When it is a blood test, and the diabetic, the trouble in one's stomach and intestines, the liver complaint, and the haematological disorder, etc. are causes, that is treated.