Sleep method without air conditioner at midsummer

I was sleeping by driving the air conditioner until the morning until 2007 when I came summer. It was convinced that it was hot at night because it was crowded also in Okayama. Ventilation was always needed so that I should come to occur due to tick allergy hives, and not put out hives in the autumn of 2007. It thought how it did and I was going to sleep in the summer of 2008.

Condition of sleeping without air conditioner

It introduces it because it came to be able to sleep comfortably without the air conditioner by changing the bedroom to the room in which it can ventilate it well, and devising the sleeping environment.

Outside temperature at night

The outside temperature becomes 30 degrees or less when becoming after nine o'clock of the night even if the highest temperature in daytime becomes 35 degrees or more. It usually becomes about 28 degrees. If it is such a temperature, it must be not so hot.

When the morning comes, the temperature might become 25 degrees or less. Then, it might be as the case may be felt that it is cold.

Sleeping by the second floor is more comfortable than the first floor.

The more it goes on, the more usually the outside temperature at night decreases. Sleeping by the second floor and the third floor is more comfortable than it sleeps by the first floor. However, it might be hot in the top floor because of the heat of the roof and the attic. You might think about the ventilation of the attic.

It became comfortable for me by sleeping by the second floor there was an attic in the third floor. If the third floor is ventilated, it might be more comfortable.

Because the heat of the first floor goes up to the second floor if it doesn't ventilate it of course at all, it is usual that the second floor cannot sleep because it is hot.

The room is ventilated enough.

It ventilates even if the outside temperature degree at night is low and the temperature of the room doesn't decrease if air is not taken. It ventilates the room ahead of time when becoming a sunset.

Because there is a window in two of the next matches of the room, this is usually made a screen door and the window is opened though the room where the window exists in both sides of the room is an ideal. It might be not so effective when there is only one window in the room.

The heat also includes the heat that occurs from the human body though the purpose of the ventilatory requirement is to let the heat of the room go. The human body keeps running almost the same fever as the hot plate of about 100W per person. The temperature of the room goes up gradually if it doesn't ventilate it because it keeps running a fever of about 300W if there are three people. (Please refer to the page of "Lightly dressed health method" of the health information for this idea. )

The fan is turned to the window of the exhaust side.

When sleeping, it is possible to ventilate it by turning aiming at the window where the fan is exhausted when becoming a sunset though it is so. Cold air enters from the other suction window if it does so.

Do not apply the fan directly to the body. The body might get cold when sleeping and it catch a cold. Because air in the room is moved, it does.

The upper part in two step bed is comfortable.

Thus, it is understood that it is very cool when sleeping further by setting up two step bed near the window of the suction side on the side. It seems to be asleep outside the room.

However, it is likely to fall from the window to nearby soon when there is a window, and install the handrail and the lattice etc. of the bed of the fall prevention in the window, please.

Screen door, curtain, and mosquito net

The screen door is always necessary to prevent the mosquito from raiding. It sets it up in the window of the suction side and the exhaust side. Moreover, it is necessary also for curtain about the race and curtain usual adjusting the ventilatory volume, and interrupting the line of vision from the outside.

This is quite good though the mosquito net had been used for mosquito's measures in old times. The screen door might become unnecessary because it sleeps in the mosquito net. There is a mosquito net for the bed recently, and is the one for two step bed. It becomes comfortable depending on the device, and choose with the place, please suiting one's taste.

Rainfall measures

It occasionally rains suddenly because it sleeps with the window open. In that case, it is necessary to close the window. There might not be problem a little if it rains if there are a very big eaves (eaves) in the window.

If eaves and the bamboo blind are applied, it becomes the rainfall measures, and these avoid the direct sunshine in daytime, the temperature of the room rises, and it is possible to prevent it.

Crime-busting measure

The crime-busting measure is needed because it sleeps with the window open. Please usually do the crime prevention measures such as the side lattices though there might not be necessity when total [nikai] doesn't include the veranda etc.

Effect of sleeping without air conditioner

The electricity bill is hardly needed like this when sleeping without the air conditioner. It is environment friendly, and the exhaust of CO2 can be also a little. Moreover, I think it is healthily good because there is not getting cold too much.