Benefit to be gained from using a hot spring and effect

A lot of hot springs are in Japan, and a lot of uses that treat an illness by soaked to the hot spring have been done the Japanese because there are originally a lot of bath lovers. When I also love hot spring, and take a hot spring bath, it is understood that the physical condition improves. It thought about the benefit to be gained from using a hot spring and the effect.

Effect of heat of hot spring

The respiratory rate and the number of pulses increase by soaked to the water of a temperature that is hotter than the temperature, circulation of the blood improves, and the renewal is urged. Please note that it influences the blood pressure for the hot bath of 40 degrees C or more. In a temperature near the temperature of 39 degrees or less, feelings are calmed down by soaked in a relaxed manner and it subdues pain.

Mechanical effect of hot spring

Hydraulic pressure is received to the body by taking a bath to the hot spring water and the whole body is pressed. The excretion of urine is pressed and swelling of the foot lightens.

The load rests upon the heart and lungs usually by hydraulic pressure, and take care, please if you have the sickness in the respiratory organ and the circulatory organs system. Especially, the person who has the disease in the heart and lungs must be not soaked to the bathtub even of the neck.

Influence by chemical effectiveness of hot spring and fountain quality of hot spring

As for the fountain quality of the hot spring, various chemical compositions are included in infinite variety. The metal ions such as gases and the iron such as the radon, the carbon dioxides of the radioactivity, and hydrogen sulfides are absorbed to the inside of the body through the skin.

Moisture is prevented from evaporating after basking, and the body often gets warm as for the hot spring bathing because the skin is congested because of the stimulation of the chemical composition, and the circulation of blood of the skin improves when the salt etc. that are the hot spring elements adhere to the skin.

It is absorbed from the respiratory mucous membrane by inhaling the steam of the hot spring. Moreover, when the hot spring water is drunk, it is absorbed from the mucous membrane of stomach and intestines. There is a similar effect to the medicine when the hot spring is drunk.

Alkaline simple hot spring

The one that the amount of the content element of the hot spring doesn't reach a constant amount is called a simple hot spring. Stimulation is few and for the senior citizen because the hot spring where the hot spring element is thin.

Bubbling of soap is often water, and it is soft and the comfortable one is a feature near usual water though the simple hot spring cannot expect the immediate effect because the content element is a small amount. Because stimulation to the skin is a little, it seems to be good for general neuralgia and all diseases of the stiff neck etc.

In ..alkaline simple hot spring.. ..pH.. 8.5 or more, ..alkalescence simple hot spring.. pH is 7.5 or more. There is an effect of beautiful skin of taking horny of the skin for an alkaline simple fountain.

Acid hot spring

An acid hot spring is a hot spring where the bactericidal effect is high. It is powerful to skin diseases of chronicities such as the skin disease, the venereal disease, the athlete's foot, and eczema. However, there is a vigorous stimulation that is made to the skin and seen, and bathing dermatitis might be caused. It is effective against the chronic digestive organs disease when keeping for drinking.

Hot spring of radioactivity

Generally, it is said Radium Hot Springs. It is assumed that it works for gout, the arteriosclerosis diabetic, the circulatory organs trouble, and the cholelithiasis neuralgia. It is said that it will work for the urinary concrement in for drinking.

Environmental influence of hot spring

In the effect of going to the hot spring, bathing to the hot spring, the climate of the hot spring, and the stimulation of scenery act, too. A psychological action by emanating the stress from daily life by the travel, and going for a change of air also influences mutually.

In the hot spring in the mountain, the forest relaxation is effective. It acts on the direction that you may appeal for to autonomic and the internal secretion system of a diseased body. And, a natural healing ability that originally has it works, and it is useful for the recovery of health and the tiredness recovery.