My chronic joint rheumatism experience

I am the first chronic rheumatism in August, 2002 It is diagnosed when it seems to be (joint rheumatism), and it has recovered while trying and erring. This is a record of the experience. I have recovered the articular rheumatism by the cold water friction.

A lot of chronic joint rheumatism information on net

I think that some things are sold and the means it and interests to apply it intervene though there is often writing the speak from experience that the articular rheumatism recovered on the Internet etc.Even if I write this information, I do not have the profit either. I do not only think be to good when useful some information can be offered by looking for the solution in feelings that bite straw however ..possession.. to coming.

Does the person with strong intention of doing the cold water shower (cold water friction) like me all the year round come?Please contact me when you come by the cold water friction it and there are some effects.

Passage that comes for cold water to rub and the way

As for the articular rheumatism, it is said that there is no fundamental treatment method, and there might be a lot of people who are resigned at the end if it takes. It hesitated what for us shall do when said that I was an articular rheumatism. It was not possible to finish giving it up though it variously examined on the Internet. I thought, "Why don't you entirely change the constitution after all?"The good thing was done to health even a little, and, then, I thought the myriad plan for me to able to consent if it gave it up because it was exhausted and I did not become a long ages anyhow.

"Thing to keep the helminth like the round-worm" and "Thing that rubs cold water, and is rubbed with a dry towel", etc. in the immune abnormality when examining it on the Internet are ..good thing.. I see. It was understood that life that was primitive and near the animal was good. Keeping the helminth decided to rub cold water for the time being at once because it was not able to do. I think rubbing with a dry towel to be effective. It was possible to do because it had done many times at young time without difficulty.

The cold water shower (cold water friction and cold water [masatsu]) is also real now. Water has been lightly dressed for a while as the glassful is drunk soon when getting up in the morning. Shave is done to the rest room in nakedness in the lavatory afterwards at ..slowness.. beginning. The entering bath might be cleaned in the bathroom. The face is washed in the hand in using water afterwards. Next, the well water is poured in order of the foot, the head, the arm, the chest, and the back. The hot water is not used at all. Even if water is poured by when, it is pleasant. When water is poured, the body is made efforts by the palm and scrubbed. The body is scrubbed until making efforts at the same time as going out of the bathroom, and wiping the body with the bath towel and reddening. It is likely to rub with the scourer recently. It makes it happily every day because it is comfortable when ending. When the person did not do, this exhilaration one feels are not understood.

The person with a high blood pressure is a method of the consultation with the doctor, and suiting to me though he or she can rub cold water at ease because I am a checkup (health examination of the municipality) every year, and do not have abnormality in the body at all. Whole body..face..heat..cold..endure..have.Naturally, it is lightly dressed in winter. Neither the short sleeve undergarment, socks nor the pair of trousers wear drawers with the same summer wear all the year round. Even when going out, it doesn't put on the jacket. It only puts on the thin best on the shirt. You seem should cool your hands and feet.

Made well of man's body, and heat cold adjust the temperature by automatic control. It is not necessary to put one's coat on and to take it off. It puts on or it takes off many times within a day, and the body is rather lazy.

It is noted to take care about the quality and the amount of the daily eating, not to neglect the movement of walking etc. , and to apply muscular power. The target It is  BMI=22 fat percentage =10%.

(As of October, 2002 Even   this   BMI=22.4 fat percentage =13% : a so-so good body. )
(As of August, 2003   BMI=22.0 fat percentage =10%   National Measure it by the whole body of DM-W1 measurement type.)

(As of April, 2004 The body fat percentage decreases greatly because of   BMI=22.4 fat percentage =6%   walking.)


The relation between the height and weight is seen, and it is an international standard, and it becomes the index of the judgment of the obesity index with BMI(Body Mass Index). 22 is a standard body weight. It is the one that does within 22 plus or minus ten %.

BMI = Weight (kg) / Height (m) / Height (m)

I quite think this to be a different thing with the cold water friction though there is a person who does the cold water shower after bathing. As for other effects, it is the doubts though there seems to be an effect of preventing feeling cold after a bath. Moreover, when the cold water shower is done after bathing, I think that exhilaration one feels are quite different compared with the case at the time of which the cold water shower (cold water friction) from beginning.

I think that the load multiplied by the human body is large when cold water is sprinkled after the bath. Because the blood pressure rises suddenly, I do not think it is good the body sprinkling the cool water suddenly when the blood vessel in a word is enhanced in the maximum. Therefore, I do not pour water of the bath now.

Relation to Helicobacter Pylori's bacteria elimination

I was ..bacteria elimination.. ..shutting.. [shi] in February, 1999 as for Helicobacter Pylori in the stomach. I think that possibly this articular rheumatism might be related to the bacteria elimination. About three years have passed from the bacteria elimination. Was Helicobacter Pylori suppressing abnormality of immunity and it is not possible to know.

When it is ineffectual, the cold water friction should contemplate keeping the helminth. I do not want to do the thing alone given up even if it does very much.

All processes from the attack of my articular rheumatism to the recovery

About January, 2002

It noticed though it had a pain in the joint of the shoulder when the right arm was turned back. The cause is not understood at all.

About March, 2002

When standing up, it noticed though it had a pain in the joint of a right knee. It has never become painful though it has already walked for years how many though it is thought the Japanese syllabary because it walked in the long distance by Setouchi Kurashiki two day march. The joint of the shoulder doesn't recover.

About June, 2002

It noticed though it had a pain in the second joint of the forefinger of the right hand. I thought the Japanese syllabary because I had often used the right hand because of the installation of the air conditioner. Moreover, it noticed though it was not easy to bend in this joint when getting up in the morning. (stiffening in morning)

About July, 2002

It came to be thought that it became painful becoming the pain fast, and turning the key to the car of the second joint of the forefinger of the right hand, too, and this was amusing. It noticed though it had a pain in the first joint of the thumb of the left hand, the first joint of the middle finger, and the second joint of the ring finger.

It still has a pain in the joint of a right shoulder though it feels as the pain softens a little. It has a pain in the joint of a right knee as usual.

About the beginning of August, 2002

A painful point hurt, swelled a little, and brought heat with throbbing even if nothing was done and it was quiet. The root of the thumb of the right leg also this time put out the pain. The place of the second joint of the forefinger of the right hand swells a little and ..nodose.. the one can be reduced. It is understood to worsen gradually every day.

August 18, 2002

Rheumatism seemed to have come from the immune abnormality, and the cold water friction was started today because it was a thing that the cold water friction was similarly good for the asthma of the immune abnormality. The joint of the wrist of the right hand becomes painful this time, too and it has swollen.

August 19, 2002

It went to the rheumatism registration medicine and it inspected it.

August 23, 2002

Laboratory results went out.   5 rheumatism factor = IU/ML CRP=0.36  

It was a thing of seeing passage according to the doctor though seemed that an articular rheumatism. It might be a reason for the judgment that three blood relation degree of relationship or less has the person with an abnormally high rheumatism factor of the rheumatic and two one person. It refused though it was said whether the medicine should be put out.

September 20, 2002

It is understood to improve day by day. The pain in other places was considerably reduced though it still had a pain in the first joint of the thumb of the second joint of the forefinger of the right hand and the left hand.

October 11, 2002

The place with the sense of incompatibility is only the first joint of the thumb of the second joint of the forefinger of the right hand and the left hand, and another has recovered by little understanding. Is it really an effect of the cold water friction?The cold water friction is not lacked even during a day and executed.

November 12, 2002

A painful place and the place with the sense of incompatibility are completely lost. There is stiffening in the morning at all either. The cold water friction is done in full scale only by taking a rest for one day now. Even if winter comes, I will do for a long time.

January 11, 2003

The cold water friction was done according to schedule though the day of the cold under the freezing point in January was felt that water was indeed cold. The skin did not redden so much recently though the body was scrubbed with the towel with might and main. Then, it rubs with the scourer recently. The condition of the body is very good. It seems not to have to be especially high though took one's blood pressure later soon of the cold water friction.

July 26, 2003

My articular rheumatism has improved completely. It has the body in top condition. Even the checkup of the municipality was quite normal. The cicatrice of the duodenal ulcer was not pointed out as for the medical examination of the stomach cancer either.

The winter of this year was to sleep as an effect of the cold water friction at night, a thick futon became completely unnecessary. It came to be able to sleep comfortably mostly by one blanket in the room not heated. It was possible to sleep to the blanket only with the futon in summer even on the coldest day. The blanket is also unnecessary from spring. It is asleep only in the sheet group in pajamas.

August 19, 2003

Cold water kept rubbing one every day of year. It goes twice in the morning and evening recently. It is not felt that water is too cold in summer, and it will dig up the piercing well for myself because water is too cold (Because of the wife winter though I may be cold) and it is challenging now in winter. It digs even up 8m70cm now and it is stopping. Water has not come out yet by an argillaceous soil. If water comes out well, it is sure to become the water of about 17 degrees all the year round.

My wife also started cold water friction or cold water shower in around July this year. The reason is that it is diagnosed when the wife seems to be an articular rheumatism. As for the prescribed medicine, seem it not to drink at all and passage to be good though only the cold water friction. It came to do willingly recently from me. Is it because of pleasant?Is it because the effect was able to be actually felt?

November 13, 2003

The well can dig well and rubs cold water by the well water every day. As for the wife, the physical condition doesn't live in the cold water friction with the best condition by the rest win though my body is in the best condition. However, the condition seems to be good compared with before.

The hair has grown by little understanding of now though the hair in my parietal region had thinned a little as a secondary effect of the cold water friction last year. Is it because of washing every day it is because circulation of the blood improves?

September 28, 2005

Lately, the cold water shower is done by the well water on evening of every morning. It has not taken the bath of the hot water for months how many. It is only cold well water that uses that the shampoo washes one's body with soap every evening though it is every evening. Pleasant even if it multiplies by when is mysterious though the well water of about 17 degrees in the water temperature is bathed in for a long time for about ten minutes. It seems to be able to do even at the midwinter when going as it is. The person who does the remark food and such a thing doesn't think the book might when wide on the day.

The condition of the body is done in top condition. It is understood that the condition of the body is better than that of young time.

June 1, 2007

Photograph of healthy brush that I am using

The cold water friction had been neglected for about one month about once a week. Then, it became worsening of conditions of eyes, the congestion of the eyeball, and be not able sleeps because of the pain it. It was a thing with the conjunctivitis of the allergic property when hanging to the ophthalmology department.

This immediately restarted the cold water friction very much. The whole body of day and night in both cold water showers and brush decided to rub two times this time.

The effect was very good. The pain stopped, and recovered completely by using together with the eye medicine in a day in one week.

This photograph is healthy brush that I am using. The string had adhered since beginning though it was a thing bought for about ten years ago. I think that it is a scourer for the massage (skin friction). It seems not to sell it easily though it looks for in the shop now.

My body seems to become the sickness nature of some allergic properties with cold water . Should I do all my life?

Idea to my sickness

First of all, it tends to be thought that it is medicinal in a modern medicine when getting sick. When I will have gotten sick why, I am always having the cause thought. The sickness is sure to recover if the cause is removed. The factor that became a sick trigger is certain understanding of the cause... After it recovers from an illness, the effort to remove the factor is made.

I have not taken the medicine in having caught a cold. The pain reliever is not drunk. The febrifuge is not drunk in principle. It doesn't eat the supplement. It is because of thinking the absorbing ability of the nourishment that the body originally has comes to be inferior when it eats the supplement.

Anyway, it is thought that I make its body by myself. It should be called mistaking the means for the end not to be able to manage my body, and to discuss health.

The skin:Internal organs of the maximum human body.

The skin is called the internal organs of the maximum human body. The gross area is said that it is an adult and there are some areas of one mat in the mat. When the epidermal is matched to the corium, weight is called 2-3 kilograms and several kilograms. It can be said that the skin is internal organs of the maximum human body because the liver and the brains said that it is comparatively large are 1.5 kilograms at most. It is the very important because of internal organs it with the function of the cushioning material with the prevention external world one as for the foreign enemy.

Finally, I think that I have recovered by the recovering working that own immunity and original body have though the sickness's saying and recovering might depend on the medicine that the doctor prescribes generally. I think that making to the constitution doesn't get sick easily by returning it to normal immunity at the same time as strengthening the immunity is important.

The skin is fortunately in the place that can be maintained, and might be able to be called internal organs that can control the level that is my intention compared with other internal organs. Moreover, no original inside of the body, and it is originally thought in lungs, the bronchial tube, stomach and intestines, the throat, and the nose and in the mouth to be the outside of the body as well as the skin. (It is understood to say that it changed the skin lungs and stomach and intestines if it thinks about the time of the generation of man's embryo. )

It is thought that the condition of these internal organs connected with the skin can be tuned by strengthening the skin and maintaining it. It is sanative and I think that it understands how it is important to strengthen the skin in the improvement of health.