Renal calculus and urinary stone

Recently an acquaintance with a recurrence of kidney stones. Kidney stone and so on, I looked for the cause. Become pyelonephritis and hydronephrosis causing the inflammation of the stone because the heat is out.

What is the renal calculus?

Various materials have melted in urine, and an unnecessary thing is exhausted to outside of the body. The thing that thickens by some causes urine and cannot melt extracts, it can have the nucleus, this grows up greatly, and it becomes a stone.

When the stone moves from the papillary edge and it is blocked with the renal pelvis and ureter or it is blocked in the urinary duct, this is ..various symptom.. [detekimasu] though often absorbed on the papillary edge of the kidney.

It is said that one person in 25 Japanese will become a renal calculus within the life. The chief component is calcium of the stone. In the kind of calcium, there are oxalic acid calcium and a calcium phosphate.

Moreover, there is stones such as uric acids and the phosphoric acid magnesium ammoniums that become the gout culprits, too.

Symptom of renal calculus

Suddenly, the side often aches intensely and there is a person who doesn't have the symptom either. I see at a sudden high temperature for the acquaintance. there is little symptom for a big stone

There is a person who comes out, and has vomiting by the blood in the urine, too. The pain moves to the abdomen with the flow of urine when the stone is small. It might become difficult to urinate, and think that urine remains by me if getting off near the bladder.

It often goes out naturally when the stone reaches even the bladder. It is likely to stop during the renal pelvis and ureter and the urinary duct in a big stone. The pain might become it not is gradually though an intense pain might continue for a while.

Cause of renal calculus

Many of renal calculuses are idiopathy calculosises of an uncertain cause. It is time when about 30 percent has the original disease by another and can have the stone. There is the inherited one though it is a little, too.

The calcium agent is drunk voluminously for the prevention of osteoporosis, and it is thought that this is a cause for the acquaintance.

It can be likely to have the stone as a sickness that causes the stone because of the hormone for the sickness, the urinary tract infection, and bedridden blocked the flow of urine. It can be likely to have the stone even by the primary hyperparathyroidism.

Relation between acid residue food and alkaline foods and stone

There is alkaline foods or an acid residue food or said time for tens of years ago. This is very related to the stone, that is, did not say so much now. Urine becomes alkalinity if it eats the thing that was called alkaline foods in a word, and if it eats the thing that was called an acid residue food, urine seems to become acidity. (This is a mistake though had said in old times that blood will become alkalinity and acidity. )

When urine becomes acidity, it is a thing that it can have the stone easily. I fairly think that it does for NHK and broadcast with [gatten] of this though ahead. In a word, I think that the animality protein is an acid residue food, and the vegetable etc. were alkaline foods. I think that I decided whether becoming acidity when the food is resolved in the inside of the body or becoming alkalinity.

Sickness that derives from renal calculus

A sick pyelonephritis with the stone might recover easily by the antibiotic. However, other causes exist and it happens when the antibiotic doesn't recover easily or the same symptom is repeated even if recovering.

The stone might be a cause in this because he or she does the pyelitis and cystitis many times for the acquaintance.

Treatment of renal calculus

It is possible that if the stone naturally small size stones. Large amounts of urine while increasing moisture honor the exercise and to jump.

A recent method of treatment is a method of the application of the shock wave to the stone from outside of the body of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) and breaking. And, it sweeps it away by the flow of urine. It is necessary to apply the shock wave many times when becoming a big stone.

This has the method of opening tiny holes to the back, putting the endoscope in the kidney, and crushing the stone by the supersonic wave and the laser for a hard stone that doesn't go well.

The method of the extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy's being hospitalized due to the same symptom before, putting the endoscope in the kidney, too and crushing the stone by the supersonic wave and the laser was done for the acquaintance.

Prevention of renal calculus