Cause, treatment, and prevention of frozen shoulder

I am a frozen shoulder (It is said 40 shoulders) in 45-years old time. Generally, it is a pain in the joint that makes the synovia of the joint of the shoulder a lime by the secular distortion if the joint of the shoulder is not moved by some pains etc. and stimulates the nerve to call the frozen shoulder. This page is a record of information on the frozen shoulder and my experience.

What is the frozen shoulder?

The frozen shoulder is a pain in the joint that makes the synovia in the joint a lime, hardens for a long time if the joint of the shoulder is not moved by hurting the shoulder because it is painful, and stimulates the nerve.

The joint of the shoulder has a special structure unlike other joints. I think that it is understood that the joint of the shoulder moves in a usual joint by as much as 360 degrees though only the bend extending. The range where it moves gradually narrows if it doesn't move it because the range where it moves is wide.

Cause of getting frozen shoulder

It becomes impossible for a little pain to increase from the shoulder to the arm, and to move the arm freely if it notices. It is likely not to be thought about the cause especially, and there is a cause of the body aging and lack of physical activity like this, too.

I think that one of the causes being easy to become a frozen shoulder originally has man in the kite including the two-legged locomotion though he lived on the tree like the monkey. It had the hand and the operation that raised, and hung up like the monkey was not done so much. Therefore, it is thought that it became easy to become 40 shoulders and frozen shoulders from the lack of physical activity of the joint of the shoulder.

Generally, many of causes of getting a frozen shoulder are following. Life that doesn't move the joint of the shoulder so much is done, and an impossible action of taking the thing on occasionally is done and the shoulder is hurt usually. I think that it often causes the joint of the shoulder for the action that protects the shoulder to increase, and not to have been moved for a while because I have a pain in the shoulder.

The symptom that looks like the frozen shoulder well might go out even if it injures near the shoulder and is ..others.. sick. In this case, the cause is different from the frozen shoulder and consult well with the doctor, please. Moreover, it is noted that the stiff neck differs quite from the frozen shoulder and is sick.

I think the pain in the shoulder becomes a simultaneous both shoulders it is not so, and it is more that either shoulder doesn't hurt and move.

Method of treatment of frozen shoulder

When it makes a mistake in treatment and how to cure it, it doesn't move, and even if the pain disappears, the proper treatment is necessary as before though the frozen shoulder is said that it recovers naturally even if it leaves it.

Experience and prevention of my frozen shoulder

My shoulder was hurt.

I have entered the back of the ceiling by 45-years old time and customer's electrical works or the antenna construction. Acute pain ..shoulder.. ran when it seemed to fall down in the back at this time of the ceiling, and the nearby tree was gripped instinctively. The shoulder might have been dislocated at this time.

A left shoulder had been always protected because it had a pain in a left shoulder since then. It hung suddenly in the horizontal bar of the park when it did for about one month and the pain softened a little. Then, there was awful acute pain on a left shoulder again.

It goes to the nearby surgeon academy.

In addition, it went to the nearby surgeon academy because it did for about one month, and the pain in the shoulder did not improve. The doctor "It recovers if the date passes because it is frozen shoulder. It is a day medicine." Any special treatment was not done to say. It was thought that it recovered even if I did not especially do anything either.

Osteopathic go to a nearby hospital

Moreover even after about one month, no progress what so sore shoulder, went to a nearby hospital osteopath. This means that teachers, Judo is "Frozen shoulder they alone are not cured. Move the painful shoulder" with electrical therapy and massage etc. likes. Play fighting with his wife to be in pain at home and said You'd better move your arm back.

The pain in the shoulder has recovered almost when shortly arranged and passing to [hone] academy for one month. The therapeutic exercise of the frozen shoulder seems to be still good. Moreover, when the shoulder and the arm kept arranged moving so that the teacher of [hone] academy might say, it seemed to be able to prevent the frozen shoulder.

Method of prevention of frozen shoulder

The horizontal bar installed in the entrance of the stairs

Never to get a frozen shoulder, I decided to prevent it. The horizontal bar was installed in the entrance of the stairs thinking it was good for the movement that raised the arm up, the arm, the muscular power strengthening of the shoulder, and the cancellation of lack of physical activity as shown in the photograph.

It installed it in a stainless stick of Φ32mm with metal fittings for the handrail. The mounting hardware was adjusted to three places. The machine screw of the turn stop was put up. I do not think that I forget to hang because it doesn't usually disturb, and I am noticeable at the time of the going up getting off of the stairs if it is here.

The chinning exercises movement is done ten times by using this horizontal bar on evening of every morning. The effect effectiveness. There was what the shoulder completely becomes painful after that. Moreover, it never became quite painful also there was sometimes a thing that became painful with not deeply in debt at cold time. This is recommended.