Periodontitis (cause of diabetic deterioration)

Even if the dietetic treatment, the therapeutic exercise, and the treatment of insulin are received due to diabetic, it is not more effective. However, when periodontitis is treated, the diabetic might improve it in dramatic form.

What is periodontitis?

It becomes periodontitis when the bacillus proliferates in the mouth and gums are angry. It toothes comes out when it influences even the bone that supports teeth. It is said that the person of about 70 percent Japanese is hanging. It becomes the maximum cause that a person in middle and advanced age loses his teeth.

As for the periodontitis bacillus, the symptom deteriorates when it is in the dental plaque, and this kind and the number increase. It turned out that the periodontitis bacterium was related to the sickness of the whole body in the research in recent years.

What is the diabetic?

The biased meal might be done, and the number of sugar in blood increase because of obesity etc. This is a diabetic on which the blood sugar level doesn't fall. It is sick of the whole body that influences the blood vessel of the whole body arteriosclerosis's it advancing.

Might it lose one's sight due to diabetic, the function of the kidney be lost, and the necrosis of the foot happen. The diabetic is very importantly sick.

Relation between diabetic and periodontitis

A lot of examples of the value of HbA1c (haemoglobin A1c) lowering came to be reported recently when the person of the diabetic treated periodontitis. Haemoglobin A1c is a numerical value that shows the amount of sugar in blood of several months in the past.

It seems to put out the material that obstructs working of insulin when the immunocyte (macrophage) that fights against the periodontitis bacterium calls other immunocytes when getting periodontitis. It develops diabetes and the diabetic deteriorates when working of insulin worsens.

The number of periodontitis bacteria increases because the resistance power of the body decreases when developing diabetes. Thus, periodontitis and the diabetic mutually influence bad direction and get caught in a vicious circle.

Relation between periodontitis bacterium and other sicknesses

Periodontitis influences not only the diabetic but also other sicknesses. The person who has periodontitis increases the probability of becoming a heart disease by a factor of 2.8, and the probability of becoming a cerebral infarction seems to increase by a factor of 2.9.

It becomes easy to block the blood vessel because of the periodontitis bacterium. It becomes Buerger's disease, hands and feet's artery is blocked if happening as hands and feet, and no do stream of blood. The coronary artery is blocked if happening in the heart and it becomes the cardiac failure and cardiac infarction. It becomes a cerebral infarction if happening by the head.

Method of maintaining teeth for prevention of periodontitis

The toothbrush is greatly moved, and how to brush teeth to a rasp and not to polish. Thus, because the hair end doesn't enter the spaces of teeth, it cannot polish between teeth. Moving the hair end in detail without putting a force upon the toothbrush and polishing are effective.

Minion's movement is 1mm-3mm, and how with the toothbrush has a pencil. I think that the one polished because of a detailed vibration is good of a recent electric toothbrush.

Smoking depraves periodontitis.

Let's stop smoking because smoking depraves periodontitis. This is because the element such as nicotine shrinks the blood vessel, and it becomes difficult to go to gums in oxygen and nourishment.

Let's receive the health examination of dentist at least once a year.

At least once a year, the meaning that discovers periodontitis at the early stage receives the medical examination by dentist. Teeth are polished in dentist and it guides it. It becomes impossible to drop with the toothbrush when the dental plaque is made tartar. The tooth polish is deliberately done before it sleeps, and it is important to suppress the proliferation of the periodontitis bacterium.