Strengthening of body's heat regulating mechanism

It is possible to think it to be a radiator radiated by seeing our body as a thing with the source of heat in which the temperature is maintained. It is understood that adjusting the temperature to about 37 degree C constant works out with the interrelation of the perspiration action that positively lowers muscular generation of heat, natural heat radiation, and heat that generates heat.

Necessity of temperature regulation

The temperature of man is kept about 37 degree C. It is thought doing that always keeps the function of doing that acts throughout the year and the body normal.

There are only being not able to act in winter and hibernating though the poikilothermic animal such as snakes and frogs can act in summer. Moreover, various functions of the living body are done by the chemical reaction, and are necessary for the chemical reaction the best temperature. The best temperature is about 37 degree C on human body.

Evil of hypothermia

Recently, the person of hypothermia seems to have increased the woman. It is because it relies on the air conditioning, the body is overprotected, the body's heat regulating mechanism decreases, the amount of the meal is decreased by dieting, and the muscle bulks have decreased more than fat.

The basal metabolic rate decreases by about 6% when thinking the human body to be a thing in my calculation when the temperature falls at 1 degree C. (The basal metabolic rate decreases actually by about 10% because of various synergy effects.) The immunity seems to decrease by about 30%. If the basal metabolic rate falls, it becomes easy to become hypothermia in addition because generation of heat in the inside of the body decreases, too. When the immunity decreases, it becomes easy to get sick of the cold and cancer, etc. a variety of.

The digestion might not be done enough even if working of the enzyme worsens, too, when the body gets cold and a lot of people in a cold state are made to eat to have them keep energetic, and the stomach lean.

Heat occurs because circulation of the blood improves when it gets a cold working of the bacillus can be weakened by raising the temperature, working of the white blood corpuscle improves. It becomes easy for this function not to work in hypothermia, and to become sick. This is wisdom that the human race acquired by the fight of a human race of long time and the bacillus.

Evil of hyperthermia

Various trouble is caused the body of the hyperthermia though hypothermia is a problem. It enters the state of the hyperthermia that is called the sun stroke or heatstroke or Heat Disorder if keeping moving without taking the ample fluid under direct sunshine in summer. The function of the brain might worsen, and it be fatal when becoming it like this.

The convulsion and the attraction are caused, and it loses consciousness when the baby child generates heat due to sickness, and the temperature becomes as many as 40 degree C. This happens because of the temperature rise of the brain, too.

To strengthen the body's heat regulating mechanism

It is clear to only have to improve the balance of generation of heat and perspiration to strengthen the body's heat regulating mechanism. It is the best to increase the muscle bulk to often generate heat because main generation of heat of the human body is generation of heat from the muscle. It to be development of the sweat gland and strengthening of the function to often perspire when it is necessary.

When they do not work well even if the muscle even develops very or the amount of the sweat gland is large, the temperature regulation cannot be done. The training of the temperature regulation is also important.

An increase of muscle bulk

Strength training is done, whether move moderately the body fat percentage is lowered, and it makes it to the muscular physique. Generation of heat from the muscle increases, and it comes not to be felt that it is cold if it does so.

Getting cold a lot of bodies seems to happen to the woman because the muscle bulks are less than men. It has the opposite result to what was intended to getting cold because the muscle bulks decrease earlier than fat if weight is lowered by dieting.

Weight decreases consequentially because fat decreases when it moves and the muscle is put up and it changes into the muscle. As a result, it is effective in the cold syndrome of the body.

It is not only in the house even if it is cold, and let's go out and do a moderate movement. The effective one is a thing in the stroll to walk fast usually though thought it is acceptable. I think that the cycling is also good.

Because the body generates heat because it moves, it is possible to do by even lightly dressing. There is an effect of raising the temperature, too. Moreover, the muscle bulk of the body can be increased by the movement. This ..good one in the synergy effect.. works.

Strengthening of perspiration function

It sweats anyway to strengthen the perspiration function, and training to revive even the stopping sweat gland, too is done. A moderate movement is done, it sweats, and the sweat gland is strengthened. The number of muscles can be increased by doing so.

The perspiration training can be done though there is no effect of increasing the number of muscles by appropriate bathing. They are ,in a word, the bathing methods such as half-body bathing, the foot baths, and saunas. A dormant sweat gland is revived, and let's regularly acquire a good sweat and, thus, acquire the custom.

Temperature adjustment training

The training of the temperature regulation starts from accustom the body to the heat and the cold. Be not to adjust it with clothes basically that the heat cold. It is basic to make them adjust it to the human body.

Even if it is a little cold, let's stop clothing it heavily when autumn comes. The cold like a little adjusts it to the body. Let's spend it by clothes as it is until sleeping when getting up in the morning. Let's sweat if it is hot. Let's endure a little heat and the cold.

I gradually feel neither the heat nor the cold by doing so. This is evidence for the body to adjust and to exist.

The ultimate training thermoregulation, dry skin brushing friction and cold water brushing is that every day. To begin this summer, you can continue well into winter. This is "light clothes Health Law", so please give details to see. Do not put hands in cold and heat strong healthy body, too?