Cause and method of treatment of disk slip

I am lumbago (disk slip) from 16th to 17th in March, 2008. This page is a record of my experience.

What is the disk slip?

The disk slip is a big feature because it occurs suddenly without a previous notice not to be able to prevent. When the time that became a half-sitting to wash one's face and elevating a weight, the waist might suddenly become painful in the morning. Thus, an intense pain attacks, and the symptom that cannot move is said the disk slip suddenly.

Moreover, there is not a harbinger either but there seems often to be what the waist gradually becomes painful even if an especially strange movement is not done, too. I became such lumbago for the first time this time.

A lot of one that is is a sprain of the lumbar vertebra or a stripe of the waist and the damages of the ligament as the cause of the disk slip. The disk slip is said, "The witch's blow". It is surgically diagnosed as the lumbar vertebra sprain (acute lumbago).

Cause of lumbago (disk slip)

Method of treatment of lumbago (disk slip)

There is the following methods of treatments of general lumbago. Because the cause is various, treatment should be made the one suitable for the cause.

Experience of my lumbago and disk slip

There is a disk slip that gradually becomes painful, too.

It had a pain in the waist as suddenly as the name of that ..the disk slip.., and general, and I the current also was recognizing it was as such. However, a lot when the waist gradually becomes painful though nothing is especially done. seemThere seems unexpectedly to be such a case when it asks a lot of people.

Anyway, making to the rest when the waist becomes painful is the best.

Passing through my lumbago (disk slip)

March 16, 2008

When the grass that grew in a slope in the back of the house concrete space in the country in the morning is taken, the waist has become painful. Such impossible posture was not done though the body was vorlage a little because it took the grass in steps on while having stood. Because it had a pain in the waist, the spine was made straight sitting this time on the block of nether steps and it weeded.

The waist gradually became painful, sat on the seat chair, and watched television until the evening. It returned to Okayama by leaving the country late in the evening and driving in the desire barely.

March 17, 2008

Becoming of the waist at night the pain gradually, and going to the rest room came to become painful, too.

It became not being possible to walk because it had a pain in the waist when getting up in the morning it. It worsened gradually, and it decided to go to the hospital thinking it was something important and might be sick because it was not likely to remember it.

It took the ambulance for the first time as a patient. The acceptance was first refused in the first hospital, and it faced the next hospital. The ambulance has understood be bad of riding comfort well so much. The pain seemed to have increased further because it shook considerably up and down though it was painful even if quiet.

It took a picture of collecting blood, sphygmomanometry, and X rays by arriving at the hospital. It was said that the orthopedist was quite unquestionable for the condition of the spine. It seemed to be quite unquestionable. healthy in the examination of blood and urine diagnosed of the physician nextMoreover, it seemed to be unquestionable for this though the supersonic wave ultrasonography was done because the cause of the pain might be a stone.

After all, the medicine came to see the appearance only in the pain reliever. It has recovered to the state as if there was not an effect of the pain reliever or nor what when it comes to be able to walk usually in the evening, and it sleeps at night either. What on earth was this?

The medicine was a stomach medicine that restored the tunica mucosa ventriculi by drinking the pain reliever and the pain reliever as follows. It was not necessary to use the suppository.

[Rokisonin] ([rokishinin]) lock 60mg(157)
The pain in the inflammation, swelling, and the muscle and the joint is softened. After it operates of the wound, the inflammation after a tooth is extracted and the pain are softened. (after every meal)
[Mukosuta] lock 100mg(OG33)
The tunica mucosa ventriculi that gets rough is protected, and the restoration of the stomach mucous membrane organization is promoted. (after every meal)
[Borutarensapo] 50mg(suppository)
The pain in the inflammation, swelling, and the muscle and the joint is lightened. Moreover, there is an action that brings a fever down.

March 18, 2008

When the pain pill had been stopped, the vicinity of the waist seemed to be still a little painful in the morning. However, it has recovered by the desire what yesterday's pain was. It is "Disk slip" this time stillIt seems to be likely to become it gradually if it examines it on the net.

March 19, 2008

There was considerably a pain when getting up in the morning because it had taken the pain pill only in the morning. The medicine named this [rokisonin] ([rokishinin]) seems to be very powerful. Because the body was moved with too effective when drinking after every meal continuously, the state of the body decided to be confirmed drinking only once a day.