Prevention of Heat Disorder (method of salt supplementation and intake of milk)

It has been said that the salt supplementation is necessary in the enthusiasm syndrome measures. What are a really effective enthusiasm syndrome measures? What should you drink to strengthen the heat and the cold? How should we do to cool the body effectively when becoming Heat Disorder?

When the salt supplementation is necessary after the movement

When the replenishment of salinity was also important, it thought everyone to be an enthusiasm syndrome measures though the replenishment of water was important. It is because such a report has been done up to now.

It is Prof. Hiroshi Nose at Shinshu University to recite the importance of the salt supplementation. Taking it considering salinity after the movement seems to be wrong so that the Nose teacher may say.

It perspires in large quantities when moving, and salinity goes out with the sweat. The salinity concentration in the inside of the body decreases when only water is drunk after the movement. Then, to secure the salinity concentration in the inside of the body, the body starts driving out moisture with urine etc.Even if the moisture replenishment is done, water is exhausted at once, and becomes a state of dehydration again. In a word, it becomes Heat Disorder.

In this case, it is necessary to replenish salinity with moisture. The fluid absorption seems to improve when sugar is taken with salinity at that time. There was a reason why sugar was contained in the health drink.

When the salt supplementation is not necessary after the movement

Even if the sweat and salinity start going out of the sweat gland together, salinity is reabsorbed when sweating little by little without lacking drenching sweats at a time. In this case, it is not necessary to replenish salinity. It only has to drink only water.

If it is an amount below half the glass an hour, it is not necessary to replenish salinity by the amount of the sweat. The standard of the intake of Japanese salinity is less than 9g a day in the man, and the woman is less than 7.5g. There is information enough by the salinity intake of 2-3g a day, too. The Japanese originally has a lot of salinity intakes.

The intake of salinity too much has been noted.

In the proposal concerning the salinity intake of Japanese Society of Hypertention in summer, a Japanese salt intake seems to exceed the requirement far. The sweat is taken in summer and you seem should not take salinity excessively, except when is a lot.

Especially, note that the senior citizen might become high blood pressure when salinity is excessively taken because the sweat doesn't come out easily.

The drink because of strengthening is milk in the heat.

Because it becomes a body from which the sweat comes out easily if a moderate movement is done, and the temperature adjustment is made good, it is said that it will become difficult to become Heat Disorder. There seems to be a better method the movement of but.

The method is to drink milk after the movement. It seem is because the amount of blood increases when drinking milk. When the protein is taken after it moves, the material of albumin is synthesized. In this albumin, there is working that collects water in blood, and the amount of blood increases. It is easy to sweat, and when the number of bloods increases, it becomes, and a lot of hot bloods circulates around the body and heat is made easy to let.

The strengthening method is to take the protein in the heat after it moves. The low-fat milk and the yogurt seem to be acceptable. There is separately no necessity of the salt supplementation because the same degree of salinity as the health drink is contained in milk. Moreover, sugar and the protein necessary for the synthesis of the albumin are contained in milk.

Effective way to cool body when becoming Heat Disorder

The reason for the comfortable one is that there are a lot of points to feel the cold when the prominent forehead is cooled when it is hot. However, it is not because the body gets cold even if the prominent forehead is cooled. When the face and the prominent forehead are cooled, the body decreases the blood stream on the surface of the skin so as not to cool the body, and doesn't let heat in the body go oppositely.

An effective way to cool the body when becoming Heat Disorder is to cool the inside of the neck, the armpit, and the groin. In a word, the body can be efficiently cooled by cooling the part where a big blood vessel goes.