Healthy effect of the bare foot

It became an athlete's foot when spring came when socks were swept when sleeping because it was cold and got cold the foot in winter. Socks were swept in winter and it never never slept last year. Living barefooted and barefooted seems to have various, healthy effects.

Athlete's foot prevention and athlete's foot treatment

If it puts on shoes all day long, and socks are swept, moisture seems to shut oneself up between digitus pedis and it to be easy become an athlete's foot. If possible, because the foot dries, it doesn't become an athlete's foot easily, and be effective also in the athlete's foot treatment on the bare foot all day long.

In daytime to the bare foot at least become barefooted only even at the sleeping time at night even if impossible. Because it doesn't get an athlete's foot like me.

Formation of arch

It is splay-footed, and says the one that the number of arches of the arch has decreased. The splayfoot is weak the muscle of the sole, loosens the ligament, and happens. Let's strengthen the muscle of the foot by spending it by the bare foot, form the arch of the foot, and prevent a flat foot.

It is not possible to walk in the long distance because it becomes tired in a flat foot. In not walking because it is not possible to walk, it extra becomes a flat foot.

Prevention of hallux valgus

The power of digitus pedis strengthens when it puts on sandals and clogs or operation to stand on tiptoe in the bare foot is increased, and the arch on length and side is formed to the sole well. And, it becomes difficult to become hallux valgus.

It becoming difficult for the muscle of the sole to work like the spring, and to fall down if the arch of the foot is formed, and injuring decrease.

Hallux valgus is incurvated the finger and happens because digitus pedis receive power from side when it puts on thin shoes ahead or it puts on high-heeled shoes.

Prevention of rolling fingernail

Power for the power of digitus pedis to strengthen when it puts on sandals and clogs as well as the prevention of hallux valgus or operation to stand on tiptoe in the bare foot is increased, and to hang in the finger increases, the fingernail flattens, and the rolling fingernail can be prevented.

Power from side wins when power to hang in the fingernail is weak and the fingernail rolls it internally. As for becoming the rolling fingernail, operation where it walks seems to become a little person easily.

The fingernail begins to roll and the tip of a finger becomes more painful because it walks without making efforts to the tip of a finger of the foot because it is painful when becoming a rolling fingernail once. It becomes a repetition of becoming more painful if the fingernail rolls further, and it rolls it if the fingernail is cut, and the fingernail is cut when the tip of a finger becomes painful.

Stimulation of foot back vital point

In the sole, there are a lot of vital points where working of the body is improved. Because unevenness of the soil stimulates the vital point directly when walking in bare feet, it is very good for the body. The experience at once, and walking barefooted become not painful though at first, there is painful feeling.