Method of treatment of cataract

Father treated the cataract from 3rd to 7th in March, 2009 (operation that took the crystalline lens and replaced it with the intraocular implant). This page is a record of the cataract through the operation experience of father.

What is the cataract (syndrome in white)?

The cataract Saying in a single phrase becomes impure the crystalline lens in eyes, becomes hard to see the thing, and is sickness of eyes that decrease eyesight. It is quite sick though there is a glaucoma (syndrome in green and [aosokohi]) in the sickness of the name that looks like well ..another...

Cause of structure and cataract of eyeball

Cause of structure and cataract of eyeball

The structure of the eyeball is shown in right figure. There are corneas ahead most about eyeballs. It is a part of iris of the eye. Afterwards, there is a pupil that is called an iris in the furnace. It is a part in the Japanese brown in iris of the eye.

Afterwards, there is a transparent crystalline lens that corresponds to the lens in the camera in the furnace. The crystalline lens becomes impure, becomes cloudy in the cataract, and it becomes not transparent.

Symptom of cataract

Prevention of cataract

The eye trouble has actually felt that the nutritional balance is important.

It doesn't limit to the cataract and the nourishment of the eye trouble is very important. I was the wife's hospitalization, and had time when eating habits had fallen into disorder in 45-years old time. It was said, "It was a start of the presbyopia" when eyesight just at this time fell suddenly, and it hung to the ophthalmology department.

However, eyesight returned to the origin at once when the wife left hospital and it became a well-balanced meal. It becomes in coming of the 60th birthday already now and it has not become a presbyopia yet. It sees it without glasses near ..far... Having been said by the ophthalmologist, "It is a start of the presbyopia" made a mistake about the ophthalmologist.

Method of treatment of cataract

When the cataract progresses and the crystalline lens is impure, it usually recovers never as before. For this case, there is only recovering one's sight by the operation. The operation on the cataract becomes everyday events now, and the success rate of the operation is almost 100%. Moreover, the insertion of the intraocular implant became insurance application in 1992.

At the stage where the cataract is not still so advanced, progress with the eye drop and the internal medicine might be prevented.

Treatment that delays progress of cataract

Operative procedure of cataract

The operation on the cataract removes the crystalline lens, and performs the operation that transplants an artificial crystalline lens (intraocular implant). The recovery of eyesight can be expected if there is no problem in other parts such as the retina, optic nerves, and corneas.

small near goodness or more incision.. ..passing.. . that advances recently operative procedure, and inserts intraocular implant of fold type with supersonic wave crystalline lens emulsification suck deviceAs for the operation, I seem hardly to feel the pain by the toponarcosis. The operation time was about 30 minutes. According to circumstances, hospitalization is not necessary either.

Treatment before and after operation on cataract

Attention and daily life after it operates on cataract

After the operation, it takes several weeks to stabilize states of eyes. After it operates, applying eyewash and a regular examination are needed for a while.

Passing through father's cataract

There was a tendency to shortsightedness from youth, and father's (the 1916th rare grader and 93 years old as of March, 2009) right eyesight seems to have been originally bad. The yellow retina spotted degeneration syndrome ..left eye.. developed after it had become an old age, too.

After 60 years old had been passed, the license of the car was driven to the taking 87-years old time. Because eyesight had fallen, the driving license of the car was returned though it was unquestionable for the driving ability. It seems that the cataract had progressed considerably in those days though it doesn't understand because it doesn't try to go to the ophthalmologist.

Because eyes were not seen from 92-years old time well, it came to have a hard time riding on the bicycle, and driving the bicycle was stopped. Eyesight seemed to have worsened by walked on the road during the half a year before it operated by the degree embarrassed. It was often seen to have a hard time being not able to grip food on the table with chopsticks easily when eating.

I agreed also for father who said, "Did not go to the ophthalmology department because it was not sure to improve" to give up at last and to hang to the ophthalmology department.

Because it goes out to the field every day, it works, and father wears neither sunglasses nor glasses, etc. when he thinks now, I think that the influence of ultraviolet rays is very large. It only had an unbalanced diet, and moreover, rice, the miso soup, and the fruit were hated and it hardly ate since 80 years old. The middle age also had time when it had eaten only the ramen. It is only a bread being stable food in later years. I think that it is clear that these are not good for the cataract.

Experience of father's cataract operation

Hospitalization on March 3, 2009

Father has never been hospitalized until turning 93 years old. This time became the first hospitalization. There were neither serious illness nor a chronic disease and it was healthy up to now. It was hospitalized in the river cape medicine serious illness academy in Kurashiki City at 10:00AM.

Cataract operation of right eye on March 4, 2008

Applying eyewash and the drip for about two hour operation of the operation started.

The operation schedule at 5:00PM became an operation at 4:20PM. It is an operation on cataracts of right eyes today. It came back to the sickroom in about one hour after it had gone out of the sickroom at the operation time.

March 5, 2008

The eyepatch was taken off early in the morning. It was pleased when having come to see it well when paying a sympathy visit in the evening. It showed it neatly reading by the naked-eye when notes of the operation schedule written on the paper of A4 for tomorrow were read.

There seems hardly to have been a pain though the appearance at the operation was heard. The ophthalmologist seemed frequently to have directed the face and his head to move it the assistant. whether it was not easy to have done

Cataract operation of left eye on March 6, 2008

It is a cataract operation of the left eye from 3:00PM. It ended safely in about one hour.

March 7, 2008

The eyepatch was taken off in the morning and it left hospital. It seems to have come to see it considerably well. The right eye has improved in dramatic form though the left eye seems not to have recovered so much because it is originally bad. Eyesight is 0.2-0.5.