Method of increasing good cholesterol (Aerobics are effective)

The good cholesterol does the role to collect extra cholesterol from the cell. The good cholesterol was thought for the power of reducing the plaque in the past not to exist. However, it has been understood to be able to prevention improve arteriosclerosis by reducing the plaque in the recent research.

The blood vessel can rejuvenate.

The seaweed of the cholesterol that is called a plaque in the blood vessel can be done and it becomes arteriosclerosis. Up to now, it has been thought that the plaque that can be done once cannot be reduced. However, it has changed in the latest research.

It has been understood that the juvenescent phenomenon of the blood vessel occurs in the blood vessel of an actual patient. Because the good cholesterol is a role to collect extra cholesterol from the cell, it is called the good man. However, it was thought that up to now, there was no power of reducing the plaque to the good cholesterol. However, it has been understood to be able to do it recently.

Method of increasing good cholesterol (Aerobics are effective)

The method of doing for NHK and increasing the good cholesterol with [gatten] was broadcast. It is the quotation as follows.

  The method of increasing the number of good men went in hearing and it went to the woman student group of a certain university to meet. "Good cholesterol" mean value at this age is about 65mg/dl. However, their person from whom most exceeds 90mg/dl or more and 100mg/dl are not a little.
  Actually, they are long-distance runners on land. It ran two times of day and night every day. "Aerobics" is effective to increase the number of good men. It is safe also in the movements other than running. It is understood that more the number of steps where it walks in a day is, the more the value of the good man rises, too.

The bad cholesterol cannot be decreased even if moving.

  By the way, it has been understood that there is no immediate effect of decreasing the bad character in the movement though it is more to try to lower the bad character cholesterol value by the movement.
  The person who worries, "Cholesterol doesn't fall though it moves" also never [gakkari]s it. Because power to collect goes up if the number of good men increases even if the bad character doesn't fall, it is thought toward direction where arteriosclerosis is improved.

The risk of cholesterol seems to be different by the man and woman.

The progress of arteriosclerosis is a man and woman and seems to have a big difference. In the female hormone, there seem to be various effects of protecting the action and the blood vessel that lowers the bad character cholesterol value.

Therefore, woman's blood vessel is kept more far than the man younger between one's forties. The bad character cholesterol value might zoom, and it become higher than the man when turning about 50 years old on whom the value of the female hormone falls. However, arteriosclerosis doesn't advance at once.

The woman understands the risk of cholesterol is far lower compared with the man of same age group. However, the risk of cholesterol rises even as for the woman when other risk factors like smoking and high levels of sugar, etc. exist. Especially, when the blood sugar level is high, it is necessary to note it.

What is the good man or the bad cholesterol?

The good (HDL) or bad (LDL) cholesterol is produced by the complex represents the lipoprotein cholesterol when the blood vessels that are transporting cholesterol. The difference between the good and bad is the difference between making a lipoprotein complex. Blood tests to measure and know the status of the blood of this complex molecule.

Originally, cholesterol is a constituent of the cell membrane for the animal cell, and the important compound related to various vital phenomena.

LDL cholesterol, so cholesterol is carried to each cell, work toward increasing the cholesterol "bad cholesterol" has been called. Cholesterol in the liver cells to recover from each of HDL cholesterol, "good cholesterol" has been called. Call you and say this is correct. Because LDL is called bad and the cholesterol is carried in each tissue in the body, or component of cell membranes and, because they play an important role of steroid hormones such as raw materials.

Cholesterol is chiefly made in the body.

The cholesterol of 1g-1.5g is made in man's inside of the body on. About three times are made from the inside of the body though it took from meal.

The main raw material of the cholesterol made from the inside of the body is a lipid, a glucidic, and a protein, etc.The place where cholesterol is made is chiefly a liver.

The adjustment function is provided in the human body even if it eats food that contains a lot of cholesterols, and the production of cholesterol by the human body is suppressed.