Cause and method of treatment of lumbago

A heavy thing might be carried, and when it keeps being long, the waist become painful suddenly impossible posture. If the cause is not removed, it is likely to get lumbago many times when getting lumbago by one degree.

What is lumbago?

There is various kinds of symptoms of lumbago. It is various as painful etc. in which the pain and rest [shiteitemo] happen when an intense pain and the waist where the dull pain and the blitz of the waist started are moved.

Moreover, the part of the pain might accompany the pain in the lord part called a sciatic neuralgia, the pain in a large thigh, and the pain in lower limbs. The pain that occurs in a word in the lumbar vertebra of the spine and the circumference abnormal some, is stimulated the nerve, and causes is a major cause. The one that is called these lumbago and a sciatic neuralgia. These phenomena are various, sick symptoms and no sick names.

Cause of lumbago

Method of treatment of lumbago

There is the following methods of treatments of general lumbago. Because the cause is various, treatment should be made the one suitable for the cause.

My lumbago experience and the method of treatment

I was recently lumbago, and was relieved. When it is the third continuous, it has gotten lumbago at last in the country in several years ago however work to pile up the stone wall. It hung in the orthopedics department because you may not pass about two months. It was just said that it was not, and a reechy place was a thing of recovering if it left it though taken an X-ray by it. What the orthopedist had already said by the translation that hung in the doctor because it did not recover even if it left it was made a thing not trusted.

Apparently, hernia of the intervertebral disk. confirm my symptom with the book on medicineThe method of treatment recorded in the book is written that pulling is good. Because my mother had been seen to be pulling her foot due to degenerative hip disease, the draw gear was made referring to it.

The bed has been remodeled for the treatment of low back pain.(The draw gear is made.)

The bed has been remodeled for the treatment of low back pain.

It doesn't recover easily, and I think lumbago be a lot of a person embarrassed due to lumbago. I have treated lumbago many times by pulling the waist with the device of making by oneself. This is an introduction of the device that treats lumbago that remodels the bed.

It seems to improve if 30 minutes are pulled in the place where there is lumbago before it sleeps and before it occurs. Obstinate lumbago is continued for about as much as one week and has recovered completely. I cured lumbago in every case with this device though it frequently became lumbago after heavy luggage was carried.

Two pulleys are installed in foot side of the bed as shown in the photograph. So as not to shut even if the square cushion is rolled in the foot and it pulls it on with the rope, it binds. I made it to the bowline.

The rope is prevented from moving more than to some degree putting the choke end on the entrance of the pulley. The weight is hung through the pulley. I installed the concrete block of 8kg by both feet.

The foot is put in the square cushion by the sense that puts on shoes. The foot doesn't just come off about the ankle even if it is loose when the rope is made to hang a little up. If the every part of the body is moved in the direction of the head of the bed, the waist is pulled well with the foot. It doesn't have the chest or any head.