Vomiting diarrheal disease (symptom, cause, and treatment)

The child often gets a vomiting diarrheal disease. At time when vomiting continued, it suddenly becomes diarrhea like water this time afterwards. Vomiting is put down for 1-3 days. Diarrhea might continue for about as much as one week.

What is the vomiting diarrheal disease? (symptom and cause)

There is chiefly vomiting diarrhea by the rotavirus, the norovirus, and the enteric adenovirus, etc. in the sickness that goes around baby well in winter. Somewhile yellow, white the color of the diarrhea mail, and the feature this. It smells for a moment like sour feeling. Moreover, heat has loose bowels and not only vomit but also might go out, and have nasal discharge like the cold.

It gets a vomiting diarrheal disease at not only winter but also other seasons. It is likely to get a vomiting diarrheal disease by not only the child but also the adult. Because it is a virus, it is infected from the person to the person.

Treatment of vomiting diarrheal disease

Vomiting and diarrhea are the defensive responses of the body that tries to exhaust the virus in the inside of the body to outside of the body. Therefore, vomiting and diarrhea need not be forcibly suppressed.

Please consult a physician ahead of time if the child is low-spirited, vomiting continues or stomachache continues. The moisture replenishment is necessary even if it vomits. When dehydration is awful, and vomiting is not installed, it is necessary to be likely to be hospitalized.

Rest and moisture replenishment

Please first make to the rest and lay it down. Please give moisture little by little to prevent dehydration. Moisture including the electrolyte like a health drink on the market might be good. You seem should add salinity a little. It returns when drinking at a time and everything is vomited. Let's have them drink little by little.

Please make it to the rest at home until diarrhea is installed. Let's prevent surrounding human infection, and wait for the restoration of strength.

Attention of meal

It gives priority to the replenishment of moisture more than food. However, the good one of the digestion is given a little if it is said that the child wants to eat. The simple one might be better than the greasy one. Milk is not so good.

Hips, the hand, and clothes : to cleanness

Hips might get rough for a small child because of the stimulation of frequent diarrhea. I will beautifully wipe its hips. The wash toilet is very effective at such time. Let's firmly do the washroom of the relieve oneself with soap now. Let's frequently change the towel.

Let's wash clothes that adhere vomited thing and feces in the one that the bleaching and sterilization can be done. It can be prevented from infecting others.

Medicine of vomiting diarrheal disease

Because the cause is a virus, the antibiotic is ineffectual. However, it is likely to be used to prevent the palliation of symptoms and the second infection such as the raging fever and coughs.
It is used to straighten the intestinal environment because it is thrown to necessary enterobacteria in intestines by the severe diarrhea. It doesn't care even if diarrhea stops or it drinks.
According to circumstances, when it is a severe diarrhea, the antidiarrheic might be used though it might be not good to stop having loose bowels. It is necessary to drink while confirming the appearance of usual service. It is stopped to take the medicine when a little becoming hard from service like water. Do not take the medicine of the antidiarrheic more than the necessity.
Nausea stop
The nausea stop might be used when vomiting too much awfully. The sitting medicine might be used.

Being possible to go to the kindergarten, the day nursery, and the school

Please take a rest when vomiting and diarrhea are awful. You may go to the kindergarten, the day nursery, and the school if diarrhea is put down. The standard is that you may ..being possible to have.. go not infecting the virus with other people.