Effect of yogurt

Yogurt is a fermented food that ferments it mixing the lactic acid bacterium and yeast with cow, sheep, and goat's milks and makes it. Because preservation improves greatly when fermenting with the lactic acid bacterium, it has been used from of old as a yogurt though it is perishable like fresh milk.

What is the yogurt?

The yogurt is what fermented mixing the lactic acid bacterium with the milk such as milk. Because lactose has decreased to the yogurt though the person of the lactose intolerance takes, even the person who cannot drink milk never destroys his stomach.

Part seems to live, to reach even intestines, to improve the condition of intestines, and there to be good a lot of one for health though the greater part of yogurt bacteria die out in the acid in the stomach of the stomach.

Classification according to kind of yogurt bacterium

LG21 Gasseri bacterium (Helicobacter Pylori measures)

LG21 discovered in Meiji Dairies etc. is a bacterium that can work at the stomach and do the direct attack of Helicobacter Pylori. Please try the person with a not good condition of the stomach. The LG21 bacterium explains another page in detail. It is recommended of me.

The marketed LG21 yogurt is the one that "LG21" (21 lactobacillus family and Gasseri bacteria) which is a kind of the lactic acid bacterium and a Bulgarian bacterium and the S.thermphilus bacterium were mixed. The LG21 Gasseri bacterium is anaerobic though a Bulgarian bacterium and the S.thermphilus bacterium are common properties anaerobic (It is possible to proliferate even if there is oxygen or it doesn't exist)(It is not easy to proliferate in the environment with oxygen).

Bifidus bacteria (enterobacteria)

Bifidus bacteria are one of the good bacteria that exist originally in the inside of the body by a kind of the obligately anaerobic rod of gram-positive. It has been used from of old as the yogurt bacterium. There is Welch bacillus Clostridium perfringen as bad bacteria of enterobacteria.

Bulgarian bacterium and S.thermphilus bacterium (LB81 etc.)

A Bulgarian bacterium and the S.thermphilus bacterium are occupied most of the marketed yogurt, and ferment at the temperature of about 40 degrees. A typical yogurt includes the LB81 yogurt at the Meiji era.

Generally, spawn uses the S.thermphilus bacterium of a Bulgarian bacterium of the bacillus and the micrococcus (streptococus S.thermphilus) though the starter (spawn) is put in milk when the yogurt is made.

Streptococcus cremoris and Caspian Sea yogurt

A lot of lactic acid bacteria contained in the Caspian Sea yogurt are streptococcus cremoris, the , and Gluconobacter bacteria. It is an origin of a peculiar stickiness of the Caspian Sea yogurt. It is said that there is an effect of making blood a whispering.

Because the Caspian Sea yogurt has the feature that ferments at the normal temperature, the yogurt manufacturer doesn't need. Moreover, I cannot come to like it too much though the tongue sitting dividing that acidity is few, and soft is features in the Caspian Sea yogurt.

Yakult bacterium (Lactobacillus casei strain shirota stock)

The Yakult bacterium is a bacterium of the yogurt by which Yakult is doing the manufacturing sales, and a lot of bacteria have been reached to intestines. In this bacterium, the lactic acid bacilli that endures the digestive juice with strong sterilizing properties such as the gastric juice and bile while researching the lactic acid bacterium by which Dr. Minoru Shirota does a useful working in the gut and reaches intestines is originally found and reinforced culture is the one that succeeded in doing.

How to make yogurt and classification according to properties

General working of yogurt

Goodness for healthy seems to be correct because it contains it well when eating. the balance various nutrients such as the three major nutrients (protein, sugar, and lipid) and calciums the yogurt

There are a lot of bacilli that are called "Enterobacteria" on man's intestines. It is divided into "Bad bacteria" of E. coli bacteria and Welch bacillus Clostridium perfringen, etc. that make "Good bacteria" such as bifidus bacteria and lactic acid bacteria that have a good influence for the body and poisonous substances in enterobacteria.

The yogurt has the action that increases "Good bacteria" in enterobacteria and straightens working of intestines.

Effect of yogurt

There is the subjective one in that as an effect of the yogurt (effect) though in general, there are the following one, too.

Method of taking yogurt

You seem should take about 100 grams generally a day to achieve a healthy effect of the yogurt every day.

When about 100 grams are continuously taken when it is hungry, it is effective because the yogurt named LG21 decreases Helicobacter Pylori.