The cause of aging:AGE

All animals grow old and will die. If aging can be delayed, it is good news. The causative agent of aging named AGE was found.

The criminal of aging:Material named AGE.

The material that is called AGE in the interior of the skin collects when the age is passed when the photograph in the section of the skin is seen. AGE seeming is this criminal of aging.

AGE is thought to be a cause of the decrease in the elasticity of the skin, wrinkle, and slack. Aging appears to not only the skin but also internal organs and the bone. It becomes easy for the bone to become fragile when AGE collects in the bone, and to break. When AGE collects in the cartilage of the joint, it causes lumbago and the pain in the knee.

AGE is related to the aging of eyes. It yellows in the crystalline lens and it becomes impure brown. Thus, the cataract progresses.

Discovery of AGE and generation of AGE

Dr. Maillard, Louis Camille biologist in France found this AGE in 1912. AGE is an abbreviation of Advanced Glycation End-products. In Japanese, it is called, "End saccharification product".

I hear that sugar was related to the protein, and AGE of the aging material can have been done at time. There seem to be the following expressions.

(protein + sugar)time = AGE

The skin aging:Saccharification of collagen.

Collagen does the role of the adhesive that ties the cell and the cell. The place with a lot of collagen is a bone, internal organs, a blood vessel, and a skin. The skin aging is a saccharification of collagen.

Blood sugar level (diabetic) and glycation reaction

The glycation reaction accelerates when the blood sugar level is as high as the diabetic. The diabetic is various, sick origins like arteriosclerosis, the cataract, kidney disease, and the heart disease, etc. as calling the origin of all diseases. It is necessary to note it because the diabetic accelerates the aging of the whole body.

Other sick risks of increasing due to diabetic are as follows.

In addition, not only the blood sugar level when it is hungry but also an after the meal blood sugar level relates to the blood sugar level. The saccharification advances by an after the meal and temporary high levels of sugar. The saccharification advances between those because it takes time for the blood sugar level to fall when the blood sugar level goes up at a dash.

The order of meal for saccharification prevention

In the hospital in Kyoto that is, the value of glycated hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) seems to be improved by the meal order, and to have decreased weight. It seems to be previously effective only in eating the vegetable.

When it previously eats the vegetable, the rise in the plasma glucose concentration is suppressed. It is easy to go up at a dash in the blood sugar level if eating ..bread.. previously. After all, the sugar absorption in intestines can be relaxed by previously eating the dietary fiber.

When it eats the vegetable always previously, the custom of taking the vegetable is acquired. Gradually, the carbohydrate becomes it with unassuming modesty. Then, it becomes saccharification prevention, and it becomes dieting.

A well-balanced vegetable-based diet prevents aging.

If it keeps being long, it becomes healthy, and it becomes aging prevention the nutritional balance good, doing the vegetable-based diet, and the blood sugar level low.