Healthy method of rubbing with scrubbing brush

Rules of health against which the skin is rubbed with the scrubbing brush are rules of health to which the skin is actively renewed by stimulating the skin, and damaging the surface of the skin. The rejuvenation of building into and the blood vessel can be expected by the stimulation. Immunity is normalized, and there is an effect of improving the immunization efficacy, too and it seems to be good also for the cold, hay fever, and the articular rheumatism.

Way of rubbing with scrubbing brush

The whole body is stimulated when rubbing with the scourer. And, the stream of blood and the lymph improves. The powerful technique rubs toward the center of the body the hand and the foot ahead.

Because the back doesn't reach easily only by the hand, the scrubbing brush that attaches a scrubbing brush of the mistress, a cylinder shape and long and slender scrubbing brush, and the handle is used.

The dry towel is effective when there is no scrubbing brush while traveling. I think that an old, hard towel is good. According to circumstances, I think that I am effective even if the towel is wet with water, and cold water rubs.

Effect of rubbing with scrubbing brush

When friction is started with the scrubbing brush, the effect becomes visible the tiredness of the stiff neck, constipation, lumbago, and the leg, swelling, and the cold constitution and dieted, etc. This is thought doing to which the circulation of the blood of the whole body improves, and the flow of the lymph improves.

Effective in the articular rheumatism by rubbing with scrubbing brush

After I came to have rubbed its whole body with the scrubbing brush, it was effective in my articular rheumatism. After the shower of cold water, the whole body was massaged with the scrubbing brush. The articular rheumatism has not developed when is every day.

Only friction was tried with the scrubbing brush without doing the cold water shower. Still, effective in the articular rheumatism was confirmed. When the whole body was scrubbed with the scrubbing brush, the skin was able to have been planed and the surface of the skin comes to have become sugarcoated. I think that immunity becomes normal because the body is restored every day of this.

Effective in hay fever by rubbing with scrubbing brush

The amount of dispersion of pollen is large, and the symptom of hay fever has gone out to me who has not gotten hay fever either up to now in 2011. Immediately, the symptom disappeared on several when the whole body was deliberately rubbed with the scrubbing brush every day. Afterwards, the scrubbing brush keeps rubbing ardently.

Notes of rubbing with scrubbing brush

The condition might deteriorate according to the person due to allergy etc. of the skin when the whole body is rubbed with the scourer. The number of bristletails of the skin might increase. Please consult the doctor and do one, high blood pressure, and eczema, etc. that worried to health even a little.

Purchase and remodeling method of scrubbing brush

Scrubbing brush

The scrubbing brush as possible used for the scrubbing brush friction seems should be as large. The hair is hard, and feels a small scrubbing brush painful. Please buy the largest scrubbing brush sold in the hundred-yen store. Or, please buy a healthy scrubbing brush in usual General Store and the healthy apparatus counter.

When the back is rubbed alone, I think that you should put up the string to the scrubbing brush. I take the largest scrubbing brush sold in the hundred-yen store apart, extend long, and am using it. A strong string is installed on this. I cut half the necktie that became old and am substituting about the string. The condition seems to be very good.