Effective method of polishing teeth

Doing every day is common sense in everyone in the tooth polish recently. There seems to be a person who doesn't have the decayed tooth at all either even if the tooth polish is not done according to the person every day. The tooth polish is necessary even if there is no decayed tooth. Thinking about effective tooth polish.

Purpose of tooth polish

Why is the tooth polish made?Dirt adheres if teeth are not brushed and it exists because it is not beautiful. However, the principal aim is to drop the plaque.

The dental plaque is hardening of the bacillus that adheres to surfaces of teeth. Tartar becomes a decayed tooth because of the dental plaque, places, and gets the periodontitis such as pyorrhea alveolaris.

These periodontitis can be prevented by brushing with the toothbrush etc. and massaging teeth and gums. It is one of the purposes to make teeth beautiful of course.

Effective method of polishing teeth

You seem should polish though there are a variety of methods of tooth polishes by feeling that not only polishes overall but also surely brushes one tooth.

The dental plaque can be beautifully dropped by polishing to hit the hair end part of the toothbrush to the verge of teeth and gums squarely lightly, and to vibrate it little by little lightly.

The toothbrush not only is sideways moved but also the toothbrush is moved up and down and it polishes. Polishing to apply the toothbrush to length and to polish, to move up and down and right and left or to turn in conspiracy and in conspiracy is also effective.

It doesn't keep the toothpaste daily life efficient in the toothbrush that opens the hair end and exchange it ahead of time, please. The toothbrush is not to do in stinginess because it is cheap.

The plaque dye medicine (dental plaque dye paste) is used to confirm whether the dental plaque can be removed from an objective viewpoint.

Method of using electric toothbrush

The thing that only brushing teeth with a usual toothbrush removes the dental plaque enough can be done, and the polish leaving increases when polishing by the hand by all means. For that case, please use the electric toothbrush.

The probability of the performance of a recent electric toothbrush that the dental plaque can be removed is higher than that of the wonderful polish by the hand. It might be also good to use the electric toothbrush positively.

Recommendation of electric toothbrush of vibration of a sound wave

Sound wave vibration toothbrush [dorutsu]

Popular recently is a sound wave vibration toothbrush said that dental plaque removal performance is high. It seems to be able to remove a dental plaque interdental that doesn't reach in the method of polishing teeth only of the movement of the hand because of a high-speed vibration because of a high-speed vibration.

I also bought and tried the sound wave vibration toothbrush named "Doltz" of Panasonic like this photograph. The dirt of teeth often falls even if it polishes without putting up the tooth polish medicine. Interdental becomes beautiful only because it lightly applies the toothbrush.

The usage of the electric toothbrush of the vibration of a sound wave is basically the same as a usual toothbrush. The speed moved by the hand is slowed down, and it doesn't press it against teeth so much. Dirt is washed off well by the vibration of a sound wave.

When the sound wave vibration toothbrush is used, I think that dirt remains in a manual toothbrush even if it often polishes once. It becomes impossible to part with the sound wave vibration toothbrush.

About the tooth polish medicine (paste)

I think that the polish medicine (paste) is especially unnecessary because I can take the dental plaque enough if it is a method of polishing correct teeth. However, if the tooth polish paste is used, it becomes more beautiful.

The tooth polish medicine (paste) that mixes the element that there is a bacteriocidal action of the periodontitis bacterium recently seems to be sold. However, it comes to be able to cut down enamel on surfaces of teeth, and to perceive it hypersensitivity and note use too much because the abrasive ground has been mixed with the tooth polish medicine if you use it every time.

Use of the brush between teeth and dental floss

First of all, it is impossible to remove the dental plaque only with the toothbrush completely. The dental plaque that adheres to interdental etc. cannot be completely removed only by the tooth polish. For this case, it is effective to use the brush between teeth and an auxiliary tool such as dental flosses.