Method of energetic life until 100 years old

Because book "Method of 101 that was not the chaenomeles speciosa up to 100 years old" of the Juntendo University graduate school of Shirasawa professors had been read, the content and the impression were written.

The content of the book on "Method of 101 that is not the chaenomeles speciosa up to 100 years old" cannot finish taking up various topics, and being written at all here. It stops it in the content that became my nature. Please buy and read this book in detail.

What how do you eat?

The business mind and breakfasting in the energy shortage of the brain eat meal more than bread.

The brain always works. Nourishment is necessary for the brain even in case of sleep. Danger of getting a dementia increases if the poor nutrition of the brain happens. Not the easy one like bread but the meal of the breakfast seems to be more effective.

The apple eats even the skin.

There is a proverb "When the apple reddens, the doctor becomes blue." A useful element is included in the apple too much. A lot of polyphenols are included in the apple.

Polyphenols of [puroshianijin] are especially abundant in apple. The cancer cell is being confirmed to there is working to make them die, too with working that controls the accumulation of fat by [puroshianijin].

Obesity was prevented, the visceral fat was made easy not to adhere, and the effect of decreasing the number of neutral fats was proven in the apple polyphenol. The polyphenol of the apple is soon in the nether place about the skin. If possible, it is the one that eats wholly.

Let's take meat with the fish at intervals of a day.

The number of those where the albumin is insufficient seems to have increased recently. If it eats only the vegetable, it is likely to become malnutrition if neither meat nor the fish are good when becoming an old age.

Then, we will recommend meat to be taken with the fish at intervals of a day. The protein can be taken by this without impossibility, and the fish with high aging prevention effect can take it enough.

The broccoli, the tomato, the carrot, and the pumpkin are good.

It is so in the broccoli including fighting spirits Chemical of 200 kinds or more. This fighting spirits Chemical is a carotene etc. that change into vitamin A in [isochioshiane-to] and the body that suppresses the activation of the carcinogen.

It is a lycopene that the action is especially strong though in the carotenoid contained in the tomato, there is working that prevents the oxidation. The antioxidative potency of the lycopene is said to 100 times or more vitamin E with the antioxidative effect.

As for a red vegetable, it is carrot excluding the tomato.

Be careful about the energy shortage of the brain. Breakfast eats rice more than bread.

Everyone has the long life gene.

Does the person who lives long have a special gene in 100 years old or more?30 genes or more concerning the long life have been discovered up to now.

This gene doesn't have revitalization in the yeast fungus that is, and grows up in a warm, snug environment bait easily though was discovered "Sir2" one gene of the long life gene from the yeast fungus.

Bait seemed to be scarce and to have been admitted the revitalization of the "Sir2" gene under the cold environment. The calorie restriction is important if it says by man. It eats too much and this gene doesn't work actively in the fatty in the person endowed with generous girth. First of all, the proper weight not eaten too much is maintained.

Everyone is that a thing important by another one has this gene if it is a person.

Let's bite 30 times when putting it in the mouth once. The person who has his teeth doesn't become a chaenomeles speciosa easily.

Biting is very important for the long life. Coming the firm understanding of the taste of food by biting 30 times or more of the person rot and eating become happy. Moreover, a lot of salivas goes out by biting.

It seems to be clarified that the growth hormone is contained in saliva, and this growth hormone is useful for the aging prevention by various researches.

In the experiment, the degree of the dementia seems to have been considerably different by the person who did not have it with the person who had teeth of independence of senior citizens. In a word, the person with few teeth of independence and the person and who cannot bite have understood the chaenomeles speciosa and breathing in.

Anti-aging training

First of all, let's strengthen the lower body.

It is strength of the lower body that it is common to the long-lived person. To be common to fencing, the japanese dance, and skiing is to strengthen the lower body. First of all, to aim at the long-lived person, the lower body is strengthened.

The muscle is strengthened even if becoming it how old.

The muscle has the impression not acquired even if it forges with the age. However, the muscle can be strengthened even at 90 years old and the ages of 100. In aged, it should not be hard training that uses the barbell. Please train the muscle that doesn't overwork by using own weight by doing physical exercise, and using the band of rubber with retractility.

Let's walk slowly and walk fast.

There is an interval training. Walking, and walking slowly fast are effective. It goes through a warm-up for the first 15 minutes slowly walking. It walks this time fast when the ventricular rate goes up to about 100-115.

The ventricular rate walks fast to come in 115 - 140th place. And, the following 15 minutes are slowly downed coolly. However, it seems to be fairly more effective than it walks.