About the allergy intersection of tick and soybean

I became hives and a bronchitic asthma from November, 2007 to the first half of 2008. This page is a description of the intersection of the tick allergy found while overcoming hives and the bronchitic asthma and the bean allergy (intersection).

What is the tick?

The tick belongs to Arthropoda, the subphylum Chelicerata, the arachno rope, and the order Acarina. There are even 20,000 kinds of all over the world, too. There seem to be chiefly a lot of one that exists in in the soil and water.

Many of ticks in the house are [yakehyouhidani], [konahyouhidani], the grain mites, and [hokoridani], etc.[Yakehyouhidani] and [konahyouhidani] often cause the allergy and are called "Chile tick" in this.

Tick allergy

The body causes the allergic sensitivity because it inhales the corpse and excrement of the tick in the house dust, the bronchial irritation is made chronic, and the accentuation of airway hyperresponsiveness and narrowing of the airways of invertibility are caused. And, the respiratory illness that repeats the symptom from which the cough occurs on a sudden impulse is called a bronchitic asthma.

The mast cell secretes histamine when in surroundings of the blood vessel, there is a cell that is called a mast cell, and it becomes an allergy symptom. The plasma constituent leaks from the hole with a small blood vessel outside the blood vessel voluminously because histamine enhances the blood vessel when histamine is secreted voluminously. This becomes an edema in the corium. This is hives.

It is called a tick allergy like this to cause the allergic sensitivity because tick's protein is inhaled. The number of those annoyed by this tick allergy has increased because the home that has been fully equipped with the air conditioning is a lot of, and tick's growth environment is in order in recent years.

Soy intolerance

The soybean is used well as boiled beans and green soybeans. It is included in the soy sauce of the processed food, the miso, natto, the bean curd, soybean flour, and the fried bean curd, etc.10-15% of a Japanese total intake protein is a soybean protein.

The soy intolerance is an allergy to food that is the allergen (antigen) as for the soybean protein. The soybean is called the food of a three major allergen with the egg and milk. It is usual that the symptom only of the soy intolerance is not so heavy.

The soy intolerance is a kind of the allergy to food. The cause the allergy to food thinks swelling eaten labium posterius to be a lot of. There are a lot of one that the soybean was used in Japanese food, and the person of the soy intolerance uses the substitutional food that doesn't use the soybean.

The soybean is used also for the cheap food that seems that these kind of things it probably because of. There are soybeans also in bread, the confectionery, the kind of fish sausage, and the ham, the sausage, the dumpling, the Kimchi, margarine, the chocolate, and the ice cream, etc.It is difficult to look for the one in the processed food without the soybean.

Intersection of tick allergy and soy intolerance

Passing through my hives and asthma

I became hives and a bronchitic asthma from November, 2007 to the first half of 2008. The cause was presumed to be the one due to tick allergy on the inside to which it variously tried and erred.

It has been understood not to become hives this if it ventilates the room probably because of. However, there was sometimes what from hives occurred to ventilate the room afterwards a little though it was attentive.

When the book "Mystery of the extending allergy to food" is borrowed in the library and seen, it has been understood that not only the tick but also the soybean protein seems to be related to the allergy. The glycine (glycine max and band acid diketopiperazines) is like to the allergen of tick's protein well in the protein of the soybean and the pease, and this be seeming hives and allergic antigens.

In a word, there is a possibility of becoming hives when it is a tick and hives the soybean. It is this. It thought. The condition seems to be very good though it has eaten neither the soybean nor the soybean finished goods since then.

When the symptom of the tick allergy comes to go out once even if not becoming a wonderful thing only by the soy intolerance, I think the soybean to be large appearance of an allergic symptom because the protein of the soybean is like to tick's protein.

Afterwards, it turned out the squid to become hives besides the prawn and the crab. The octopus has not tried yet. Moreover, it became hives in the soybean, and it was discovered not to become hives in the red bean.

There was hives' not especially becoming awful though it ate the octopus several times at home also in the sushi shop.

For the person of hives of an uncertain cause, is the soy intolerance cause?

Recently, the person annoyed by hives of an uncertain cause seems to be very abundant. I think that there are a lot of people who think that it is not a tick allergy though it is a tick allergy, too because I do not improve it to a tick alone even if attentive though there seem to be originally a lot of people of the tick allergy.

Please doubt the soy intolerance in such a case. It is likely to recover unexpectedly easily. Because my case was the exactly street.

Very a lot, and confirm to food related to the soybean whether to contain the soybean when food is bought, please. It is difficult to look for food that doesn't contain the soybean excluding the material.