Experience of overcoming bronchitic asthma and hives

I became the allergic urticaria and a bronchitic asthma from November, 2007 to 2008 years. This page is a record of the experience of me who overcomes the allergic urticaria and the bronchitic asthma.

What is the bronchitic asthma?

The body causes the allergic sensitivity by the spore etc. of the infection of the bacillus and the virus, the house dust, and mold, the bronchial irritation is made chronic, and the accentuation of airway hyperresponsiveness and narrowing of the airways of invertibility are caused. And, the respiratory illness that repeats the symptom from which the cough occurs on a sudden impulse is called a bronchitic asthma

These symptoms become intense when the asthmatic attack happens, and it is likely to die. "Asthma" Or, it is general to say the bronchitic asthma when saying, "Asthma".

What are hives?

In surroundings of the blood vessel, there is a cell that is called a mast cell, and the mast cell secretes histamine.

The plasma constituent leaks from the hole with a small blood vessel outside the blood vessel voluminously because histamine enhances the blood vessel when histamine is secreted voluminously by some causes like the allergy. This becomes an edema in the corium. This is hives.

Histamine stimulates the nerve of the skin and causes itchy. This is a cause of itchy.

Experience of my allergic urticaria and asthma

This time, a similar, sick person examined whether thinking my ancestor because it got hives and asthma. Then, it was a thing that the my maternal grandfather had died of asthma. It was a news never heard of and shock.

The articular rheumatism that I experienced is to three degree of relationship or less and has two people who hung in rheumatism excluding me though wrote. Moreover, it became the conjunctivitis of the allergic property in May, 2007. I seem to have to associate very much with the allergic predisposition through life. Moreover, I did Helicobacter Pylori's except bacterium in February, 1999. I think that I often get sick of the allergic property since then. Is it my worrying too much?

I completely have neither rhinitis nor hay fever at present though the person with hives and asthma seems to have rhinitis and most hay fever. Do these develop sooner or later, too?

My hives and asthma have been improved while a variety of trying and erring. It might be the both its.. execution of the small appetite, and the change of the bedroom and bedding. It seems that the execution of the cold water friction, the use of the mask, and the abdominal breathing method contribute to the improvement, too.

It was a thing that it was effective in dramatic form to take the mold that adhered to ventilation, the cleaning, and the window of the room. Because it is cold in winter, not ventilating it so much is usual though mold will adhere to the window in winter because of the dewfall. I think that it was hives and a bronchitic asthma because of this spore of mold and ticks in the house dust.

Afterwards, hives occasionally occurred to ventilate the room a little though it was attentive. It has been understood that food seems to be related according to the book "Mystery of the extending allergy to food". The glycine of the soybean protein (glycine max and band acid diketopiperazines) seems to be like to tick's protein well, and this to be antigen of hives.

In a word, there is a possibility of becoming hives when it is a tick and hives the soybean. It is this. It thought. The condition seems to be very good though it has eaten neither the soybean nor the soybean finished goods since then. May, 2008

Recovery and overcoming from allergic urticaria

It did not drink at all, and hives went out or did not occur or the medicine entered the state that hives doesn't occur at all when it continued the state it was months how many. The body might have especially recognized that no foreign body the soybean with the tick with the thing that was anywhere though the reason was not understood.

The medicine of hives includes "Atarax P" etc. that suppress "[Seresutamin]" in which "[Arejion]", "[Sechirijin]", "Off Harel", "[Aregura]", "[Arerokku]", "[Mekitajin] and [zesuran]", "[Kurarichin]", "[Homokuromin]", "[Supuderu]" that suppresses "[Puredonin]", "[Maiza-] ointment" of the steroid, and histamine, and a steroid and anti-histamines are mixed and itchy.

I think that hives cannot be cured even if these medicines are taken. I think recovering naturally when it studies into the cause, it is removed, and the state that you may not take the medicine is continued. It thought of this from my experience like that. November, 2008

Passage that arrives at small appetite (fast)

It was thought that it was necessary to manage to do by having gotten hives and asthma, and looked for the solution desperately. I see ..it not is.. when searching the Internet. a fundamental treatment method hives and asthmaIn a word, there is only allopathy.

Besides, the description that the effective one was effective the tick, the mold measures, the small appetite, and the fast when not thinking it was, and looking for was found because there was no ginger even if it went to the doctor if there was only allopathy.

The weight to my one's twenties is about 50-53kg, and it has become thin a little a little. However, the muscle bulk had increased, and it became as much as 60-62kg recently. Especially, I think that the belly has come out in this year.

It causes changing my recent body to have executed the small appetite also the idea. When the small appetite was executed, it was effective.

Way of my small appetite

Passing through my hives and asthma

November 14, 2007

It ate the shabu-shabu of the pig that ate always hardly in the shop of the all-you-can-eat of Kurashiki. I think that I ate a lot of things do not usually eat so much a lot it.

(sequel)  A lot of bean curds boiled in water that had been eaten at this time might have been bad.

November 15, 2007

The sense of incompatibility is felt for the lip, and the upper lip has been swollen after a while after supper. I thought whether it had been stung by the insect because I had just swollen because of feeling like the insect bite.

It is only a hamburger steak that remembers in having eaten though thought that it ate a strange thing with supper.

November 16, 2007

I looked swelling the upper lip considerably when getting up in the morning like duck's [kuchibashi]. It was said that the wife was water imp's mouth.

November 17, 2007

It has this time come to have an itch on one's back though swelling the lip was a little settled. The range of about five centimeters every two places of the back in the diameter swelled and it reddened. I thought that this was hives.

November 18, 2002

The vicinity of the belly became itchy this time, too and similar hives were made. Hives of the back had disappeared.

November 19th - December 8th of 2007

The whole body including the lip was moved, and hives went out and repeated withdrawing [dariwo]. Generally, hives appeared from the evening to the night and it disappeared between the morning and daytime.

December 9, 2007

The sense of incompatibility was felt for the throat, and I thought the cold bacterium whether to have entered though there was no heat. Cold-like symptoms were settled in a day. It is as shown in always that recovering of the cold is early.

December 11, 2007

The cough came to occur this time. It started recovering for years how many about the cold, and the cough often continued, and thought that it was the usual.

December 12, 2007

The cough did not stop if beginning to appear, and was doubted that the bronchitic asthma.

December 15, 2007

It became impossible to be awful to cough, and to sleep on the way at night and it slept in the living room. I thought that there might be some problems in the bedroom.

December 16, 2007

The hamster was kept in daughter's room next to the bedroom, and I thought that this might be a cause. The ventilation fan who was stopping it was turned and it slept when the partition door of the room with the daughter was closed, and it slept at night. Then, the day was like the lie what and either was able to sleep.

December 20, 2007

Curettage was not effective though it had been thought that it recovered as it is. The day when it was not able to sleep a lot because of the cough continued. All the backs occasionally went out of hives when it was awful to all of the belly.

There was information that the cold water friction, the small appetite, and the fast were good when asthma was examined on the Internet. Because I was doing the cold water friction twice at evening of every morning, I was going to challenge the small appetite this time in the meaning of the improving one's physical condition. Only a small amount was made to eat the fruit and the vegetable from supper.

December 22, 2007

The condition seems to be good somehow when making it to the small appetite. The hunger cannot be endured though is. The number also of gases of the stomach that went out well seemed to have decreased a little before. The bout with asthma disappeared almost.

December 25, 2007

It is thought that it is not hives and no bronchitic asthma due to other serious sicknesses, and has gone to the doctor today. I hear that it was hives and a bronchitic asthma after all. Because it was possible to still endure it if it was only allopathy because it had been asked whether the medicine should be put out as usual, it refused.

The mask was done in the clinic because it did not collect in the influenza of the fashion having been moved this year. Then, the cough doesn't occur so much. Because the cough occurs at once when the mask is taken off when collecting blood, the effect of the mask seems to be large.

December 26, 2007

The bedroom was changed, bedding also changed everything, and it slept last night. Moreover, the mask was done and it slept. Then, the cough in the middle of the night has decreased like the lie. Moreover, when deep abdominal breathing was done, the cough was discovered not to occur. The changed bedroom was made a room where the setting sun was often hit for the south where sunshiny that had a big window is good. The bedroom of former was a room like the attic where the window was small.

It was unquestionable for any result of the blood test in the doctor, and the sicknesses such as livers and kidneys things of not being.

December 27, 2007

Hives hardly occurred excluding the night. The small size even if going out is 1-2 pieces and it doesn't become a nature. Moreover, the cough hardly occurred, too. Because the mask is effective in the cough, it always does.

What was good, now is not understood. It is a change of the small appetite or the bedroom and bedding or might be the both. It seems that the cold water friction, the mask, and abdominal breathing also influence.

January 8, 2008

Hives and the cough hardly went out and returned to almost usual life. It can be light because it had dealt before the symptom became awful. If allopathy is done according to doctor's recommendation, I think the side effect from medication with prolonged of suffer sick because fundamental measures are delayed. It has been understood well that the sickness recovers early as for the experience of this time if the cause is cut, and it strengthens one's body.

February 22, 2008

It occasionally became extent from which hives occurred a little. It has walked 10km by walking every day early morning since February 18. I think that the physical condition improved further after starting this.

Moreover, do [tawashi] to the cold water friction and there is a rasp ..the whole body... I think that the extent a little damaged is good. Information that you should make poisoning on the body surface also served as a reference to the treatment of round alopecia.

April 30, 2008

It has not recovered completely easily though hives became tolerable. It was not effective though thought the influence of the decayed tooth, and had gone also to the dentist. However, it was a thing that it was effective in dramatic form to take the mold that adhered to ventilation, the cleaning, and the window of the room. Because it is cold in winter, not ventilating it so much is usual though mold will adhere to the window in winter because of the dewfall. It is imagined that it was hives because of this spore of mold and ticks in the house dust.

Because hives had not occurred so much when staying at the country how many days it, it was imagined that it might be a problem in this house. Moreover, I think that it might be a factor that without taking the medicine at all, and having observed passage perseveringly were able to ascertain the cause.

May 21, 2008

Afterwards, there were several-time whats went out occasionally a little though hives had improved. It occasionally went out to ventilate the room though it was attentive.

There was "The protein of the soybean reacts with tick's protein intersection (intersection)" in the description of the book that had been borrowed in the library the other day. The glycine of the soybean protein (glycine max and band acid diketopiperazines) seems to be like to tick's protein well, and this to be antigen of hives.

In a word, there is a possibility of becoming hives when it is a tick and hives the soybean. It is this. It thought. The condition seems to be very good though it has eaten neither the soybean nor the soybean finished goods since then.

Neither crab nor prawn of the same arthropod as the tick are favorite originally foods in me as far as that goes. Beans are not favorite foods. Not wanting to eat might be related to the allergy.

June 29, 2008

Hives became possible to manage completely it. I see at being in the room when ventilation is very important. Hives doesn't occur as long as it ventilates it at all. When sleeping, it remains opening the window. There is not a problem if food avoids the thing related to the soybean either.

Hives will occur in 2-3 hours when it eats the thing that contains the soybean. I see at it awful ..continue by about 12 hours... It came to be able to test what was good and what was useless easily.

September 29, 2008

Because hives had not occurred at all, for several days back what it was not possible to eat up to now was tested. It ate all almost king's Chinese noodle in soy bean paste-flavored soups. Hives did not occur at all.

Moreover, it ate about 1/4 packing natto yesterday. Hives did not occur from this at all. It is a thing not thought about because hives has occurred considerably from the miso soup if it is before though the unit is drunk.

It never drinks, and hives goes out or doesn't occur or an allergic medicine be thought whether I should have continued the state for a long time. Is not the element of the soybean considered to be a foreign body and did it accept that the body was a tick?It seems to call this a remission medically.

November 17, 2008

It came not to become hives even if what even had already eaten or it cleaned it with the cleaner for myself. Just one year has passed since it ..hives.. developed.