Helicobacter Pylori's inspection and bacteria elimination

Helicobacter Pylori's bacteria elimination starts from the confirmation of Helicobacter Pylori's presence first of all. Helicobacter Pylori can be inspected by the simple expedient by various methods' being developed now in the inspection of Helicobacter Pylori though it was necessary to drink the gastrocamera so far. An effective method seems to be done gradually as for the method of the except bacterium.

Helicobacter Pylori's bacteria elimination in medical institution(removal)

It is said that about 60 million people are infected Helicobacter Pylori in Japan. It is said that the person of Japanese 70-80% 60-year-old or more has been infected with this bacterium. It is said by the Helicobacter Pylori one of the causes of the stomach cancer (stomach cancer). Therefore, I think that Helicobacter Pylori's bacteria elimination is important in the prevention of the stomach cancer.

It was not thought that there was a so much necessity of the bacteria elimination because there will not be as much as one % person who got a stomach cancer in year even if it infected Helicobacter Pylori until 2008. However, the Japan society revised the guideline of the diagnosis and treatment in 2009 and it was assumed, "All infected persons of Helicobacter Pylori bacteria elimination is strongly recommended". It is because the reason's having the stomach cancer prevention effect in Helicobacter Pylori's bacteria elimination becomes more certain.

The health insurance has been applied to the bacteria elimination of long-awaited Helicobacter Pylori (removal).

I am applied the health insurance came to be applied to Helicobacter Pylori's bacteria elimination in November, 2000 though the health insurance was not applied to the inspection of Helicobacter Pylori.

It is very joyous. It is a thing that the gastrocamera need not be drunk. Please consult the personal physician about stomach and intestines more in a slump and one with awful foul breath, etc.It is sure to become a great result.

Inspection of presence of Helicobacter Pylori existence in stomach

There is various methods of Helicobacter Pylori's inspection methods as follows. The safe method was easily developed recently and it became convenient.

Method of doing with endoscope (gastrocamera)

First of all, a part of the organization of the stomach is taken out from among the stomach with an endoscope (gastrocamera).

- Culture procedure----It is examined whether it cultures and there is Helicobacter Pylori.

- Microscopy method----It looks for Helicobacter Pylori with the microscope, and the accident caused by the Helicobacter Pylori of the tunica mucosa ventriculi is examined.

- Prompt urease examination method----The presence of ammonia is examined with the experimental drug of PH.

In these inspections, it is faults to take time for the thing and culture that uses the gastrocamera.

Method of not using endoscope (gastrocamera)

- Urea expiration examination method

  1. The sign [sareta] urea is drunk with water by the carbon 13C of the isotope.
  2. The expiration will be gathered in about 20 minutes.
  3. The existence of carbon dioxide that is [re] ..sign.. is inspected by the carbon 13C of the isotope in the expiration.

This method is the one that it was applied the resolution of Helicobacter Pylori of the urea and the possession of the enzyme such as ammonias and the produces carbon dioxide ureases. The patient's load is a small, and precision is high method. It is the best for the inspection after the except bacterium.

13 carbon C of the isotope doesn't have the radioactivity compared with the carbon 12C usual and be safe. It exists at the rate of about 1.1% also in the natural world.

- Antibody examination method

The presence of the antibody to Helicobacter Pylori is examined from blood and urine.

This method cannot be used for the inspection after the except bacterium for a while because the antibody reaction goes out even if there is no Helicobacter Pylori.

Treatment of Helicobacter Pylori's except bacterium

This treatment only drinks the antibiotic etc. It is treatment that takes the amoxicillin of the proton pump inhibitor ("Omepura-ru" and "Takepuron") that controls the secretion of acid in the stomach and antibiotics and "Kurarisuromaishin" for 1-2 weeks.

The resistant microbe to these antibiotics seems to be likely to appear recently and to fail in the bacteria elimination. Moreover, it is a cause that the medicine is not taken at the decided amount and the decided time and smoking fails in the bacteria elimination. The success rate of the bacteria elimination is about 70% for the first time. Because the medicine that works to the resistant microbe is a little, the bacteria elimination becomes difficult the bacteria elimination once though ..re-bacteria elimination.. [suru] when failing. The success rate in the bacteria elimination of two times becomes tolerable and seeming is about 95% recently. (April, 2010)

Notes when hanging in doctor

My wife went to the doctor for sterilization. My wife was eating yogurt for LG21, test results, "because it can not be substandard eradication," said the doctor. If the goal is eradication, before going to the doctor, you do not eat yogurt LG21 please.

Please note that insurance is not applied when you go to the doctor when the condition of your stomach and intestines is not bad. Though it is another if it is said that the physical condition is bad even if the physical condition is good.

Passage afterwards

After sterilization in order to go to the doctor my wife, my son went to the doctor. LG21 My son was eating yogurt for a long time. And I have the test results "below the threshold, so that eradication is not possible," said the doctor.

We were eating the LG21 yogurt more for a long time than April, 1999. Therefore, I do not think that there was Helicobacter Pylori. Everyone of my family noticed it as far as that goes recently though was not foul breath. We seem not to be doing the smell to which it is peculiar that the person who has that Helicobacter Pylori often has at all.

The LG21 lactic acid bacterium is effective in Helicobacter Pylori.

LG21 yogurt

The yogurt that is discovered the lactic acid bacterium named LG21 that kills the Helicobacter Pylori directly and makes it is being put on the market by Meiji Dairies. I also included and a lot of people tried. There is a wonderful effect, and my family disappears by foul breath, becomes beautiful the tongue, and seems is also very good the condition of stomach and intestines.

Bought LG21 yogurt (120g) is made a seed bacterium in my home, and the packing milk of one liter is made from the yogurt manufacturer in the raw material. It eats about 100g twice a day when it is hungry. Even if the except bacterium is not done taking the medicine, it gets the same benefit if it eats this yogurt. Please try by all means.

It is not a translation to which the bacteria elimination can be completely done with this yogurt. I think that you should think that the number of bacteria decreases to about 1/10-1/100. [Reru] ..except bacterium.. is boiled according to the person.

About LG21 yogurt on the market

The following are information gotten from the customer clinic of Meiji Dairies. The marketed LG21 yogurt is mixed about "LG21" (lactobacillus family and Gasseri 21 bacterium) which is a kind of the lactic acid bacterium and a Bulgarian bacterium and the S.thermophilus bacterium. A Bulgarian bacterium and the S.thermophilus bacterium are common properties anaerobic (It is possible to proliferate even if there is oxygen or it doesn't exist). However, the LG21 Gasseri bacterium doesn't proliferate easily in the environment with oxygen.

Air should not be so mixed at time when the LG21 yogurt is made from the yogurt manufacturer, the space on the packing milk be reduced as much as possible, it seal up, and it make it. However, may I not worry so much and it is not possible to know because it is effective enough with usually make it.

If it was not possible to make it at home, the LG21 yogurt got the letter in the customer clinic of Meiji Dairies. We will leave to own judgment whether to believe it.

"Purobio" written in the product is a thing such as food including the living microbe and the living microbe that gives the body the favorable effect. That is, it is abbreviation of "Probiotics" (Probiotics) that means a useful bacterium of enterobacteria.

Because the LG21 yogurt is food, Meiji Dairies cannot display the effect. My saying the effect doesn't have the problem either.

I am neither a spy of Meiji Dairies nor parties concerned. Meiji Dairies in opposite is sure not to think of my thing because it encourages me to make the LG21 yogurt ..good...

However, it is necessary to buy the LG21 yogurt to culture the LG21 yogurt. This page is very popular on my homepage. I am sure to be cooperating in the advertisement and the spread of the LG21 yogurt.

The LG21 yogurt works as the case may be better than the stomach medicine. Especially, it is likely to have a profound effect to the person with the stomach ulcer and the duodenal ulcer with Helicobacter Pylori. Please try thinking the cheat.

The yogurt is made from the yogurt manufacturer.

yogurt manufacturer

The LG21 yogurt is made a seed bacterium in the yogurt manufacturer of National and it makes it. Milk uses usual milk. In the low-fat milk, it is possible to do like the drunk yogurt. Moreover, it seems to be a little sour.

The yogurt manufacturer of National is not put on the market now. It is being put on the market by Tiger.

The dial below is the one using it to remember not the timer but the completion at time.

After it sets it, it will be a completion in about ten hours. The seed bacterium uses about 1/3 of the bought LG21 yogurts. It is very powerful by what the amateur usually cultured. It is thanks to Meiji Dairies.

The adjustment bean juice made the yogurt. It completed a little softly. There was sugar originally a little, and even if sugar was not added, it was possible to eat delicious. It tastes like the bean curd that puts vinegar in.