Mystery of cholesterol level (Cholesterol is chiefly made in the body)

I think that it is also more that food comes being devised the value of cholesterol with wally squids. Will you think that the cholesterol level is too changeless even if it takes care about food? I am eating food with a little cholesterol. However, there is always a lot of cholesterols in blood. I examined cholesterol.

Cholesterol level of improving in checkup every year

I have undergone the checkup of the municipality every year. The data has already been kept for 20 years or more. The cholesterol level every year changes always constantly because of improving.

I have undergone the checkup of the municipality every year. The data has already been kept for 20 years or more. The cholesterol level every year changes a lot of and always constantly.

Because I was doing eating habits and daily life without relation as cholesterol. The doctor said, "Eating meat, the drinking, the cigarette, and obesity became factors of high cholesterol, and it caused arteriosclerosis and the high blood pressure in the future".

I do not originally like meat so much. I do not like unctuous food. Sake is not drunk at all. It doesn't smoke. There is not obesity either. Food is only a vegetable rather than the vegetable center. Move walking will do a movement that likes, and is moderate every day.

Here, I thought the idea of the cholesterol said to the people general to be amusing. Then, cholesterol was variously examined.

What is the good or the bad cholesterol?

Good (HDL) or bad character (LDL) cholesterol shows the state when cholesterol is transported in the blood vessel. The difference of goodie and baddies is disagreeing of the protein that makes the complex. It is an index of the blood test that this complex molecule knows the state of blood.

Originally, cholesterol is a constituent of the cell membrane for the animal cell, and the important compound related to various vital phenomena.

Because cholesterol is carried to each cell, the LDL cholesterol is called "Bad cholesterol". The HDL cholesterol that collects cholesterol from each cell to the liver is called "Good cholesterol". It cannot be said that this is a correct way to call. Because cholesterol is carried to each organization in the inside of the body, and plays important roles such as becoming the element of the cell membrane, and becoming the raw material of the steroid hormone by LDL that is called a bad character.

Cholesterol is chiefly made in the body.

The cholesterol of 1g-1.5g is made in man's inside of the body on. About three times are made from the inside of the body though it took from meal.

The main raw material of the cholesterol made from the inside of the body is a lipid, a glucidic, and a protein, etc.The place where cholesterol is made is chiefly a liver.

The adjustment function is provided in the human body even if it eats food that contains a lot of cholesterols, and the production of cholesterol by the human body is suppressed.

The cholesterol level is improving to the person of the long life.

Cholesterol seems to be improving to the person of the long life though it was possible to broadcast also with [gatten] by doing for NHK. It is a very important material for the human body because cholesterol is a material that composes the cell membrane originally.

It is a problem that cholesterol decreases. I hear that the possibility that is cancer was high when cholesterol decreased.

Standard value of cholesterol in blood

The standard value of the cholesterol level in blood of a Japanese adult diagnoses 130 -- 200mg/dl and a normal value and the cholesterol level of 220mg/dl or more are diagnosed as the high cholesterol blood syndrome.

In the HLD cholesterol value, 45 -- 65mg/dl is normal values in case of 40 -- 60mg/dl and women's cases in case of man's case. When the woman is less than less than 40mg/dl 45mg/dl, the man is diagnosed as the low HDL cholesterol blood syndrome.

When 70 -- 120mg/dl becomes 140mg/dl or more by a normal value, cholesterol level LDL is diagnosed as the high LDL blood syndrome.

Normal values of the neutral fat are 50 -- 149mg/dl. It is diagnosed as the high triglyceride blood syndrome when becoming 150mg/dl or more.

The standard value of cholesterol has changed.

Whether it perfects it seems not be so the standard value of cholesterol, and to remain the doubt to the validity of the numerical value. And, there is a person who judges that the scientific basis is scarce of it, too. Moreover, it is easy to become cancer and depression when the total cholesterol is a little and is said becoming.