Lightly dressed health method

It is possible to think it to be a radiator radiated by seeing our body as a thing with the source of heat in which the temperature is maintained. I noticed the thing with a very large calorie for this maintenance of body temperature recently. I thought that it was possible to diet from the experience of the thing and lightly dressing, that cold water rubbed every day by lightly dressing healthily and made this page.

It is a translation of healthily dieting by increasing it before it knows the amount of the basal metabolic rate in a word. I think that I cannot necessarily say that it will be a mistake because it is a method of based on practice though it might be too a leap for a moment by an engineer idea. I named the name of "Lightly dressed health method" without permission. Self-responsibility if mimicked, please.

Calculation of thermal resistance of human body (usual clothes at spring and autumn)

Please refer to here for the concept of thermal resistance.

It makes it to the thing that assumes a general model here because thermal resistance changes depending on various conditions and calculates by it.

Condition to calculate thermal resistance
Deep body
37 degree C
20 degree C
Clothes It is neither a hot, it is not cold, and is usual clothes of spring or autumn.
About 2000 It must be assumed [kcal/day] and everything must become heat finally.

The heat generated from the human body will : in one hour.

2000/24 ≒ 83.3 [kcal/h]   This : 83.3/0.86 ≒ 96.9 [Wh].  (1Wh ≒ 0.86kcal)

From the human body 96.9 It is understood that there is generation of heat of [W]. In a word, it can be thought the hot plate of about 100W is in the body and the same. (When it is necessary to consider generation of heat from the human body, it seems to be able to use this in the place where the thermal loading of air-conditioning is calculated. If ten people gather, the air conditioner that the ability is 1kW larger is needed. )

The thermal resistance of the human body that put on clothes   θ [degree C/W] :

θ = (37-20)/96.9 ≒ 0.175   [degree C/W].

Necessary calorie of winter (usual clothes at spring and autumn)

How does heat necessary for the human body when winter is spent as it is with it puts on clothes of spring and autumn become it?

Hot of the maintenance of the temperature when the temperature of winter is assumed to be 10 degree C, 10 degree C low from spring and autumn P [W] :

P = (37-10)/θ ≒ 27/0.175 ≒ 154 [W]

The calorie necessary for a day

154 X 24 ≒ 3700 [Wh/day], and this :  3700 X 0.86 ≒ 3180 [kcal/day]

This is a calorie usually taken It increases to about 1.6 times that of 2000kcal. If it is clothes the same if the temperature falls at 10 degree C 1180 [ kcal/day ] The thing for which a lot of calories are necessary is understood.

I think that it is understood to become thin surely if the eaten amount is the same and lightly dressed.

It seems that the thermal resistance of the human body changes for the blood vessel on the surface of the body to shrink actually if the temperature falls, and to lower the surface temperature. Therefore, it doesn't strictly become like the above-mentioned.

Daily life of lightly dressed health method

It would be better to be able to diet healthily in the thing lightly dressed like this. Therefore, when what life is done, is it good?It thinks based on my experience.

Anyway, it spends it by lightly dressing.

Spring and autumn are spent by the same clothes as summer, and it is sure to become dieting if it spends it by the same clothes as autumn in winter. I think that I only have always to spend it by the desire that it is a little cold. It doesn't heat it by the desire of heating that it is a little cold similarly. It cuts or heating is not used at the time of beginning when the heater is turned on for the first 2-3 minutes in the car.

When it becomes impossible for me to endure the upper-body with the shirt with half sleeves as much as possible, I am making it to long-sleeved shirts. When it becomes impossible to endure even by this, it puts on the thin best. You seem should put out as much as possible, cool by hands and feet, and keep your body warm by the best. The lower half of the body doesn't wear drawers with the pair of trousers of summer all the year round. In the undergarment, the short sleeve and socks are all the year round for summer all the year round.

It becomes difficult to come to make the temperature regulation good in the thing lightly dressed, for the immunity to improve, and to catch a cold. The cold is not to pull it because it is cold. It is made to keep warm and to cure early because it is felt that it is very cold when catching a cold.

The body's heat regulating mechanism comes to work well by the cold water friction and rubbing with a dry towel.   This thing is actually felt my doing ..cold water friction.. every day because it experiences.

When sleeping, the futon is made few.

It makes there is not putting a quilt over oneself too much when sleeping, and the futon is made few. I think it is thinking that it is a little cold in this just good. Because it gradually becomes accustomed to the temperature change, and the body adjusts the temperature well, I come not to feel the cold.

I have been sleeping from spring to autumn with pajamas only in the sheet group. It is only one blanket in winter. When it becomes impossible to endure even by this, a thin futon is multiplied on that. It is mostly safe at the midwinter, too. When sleeping of course, it doesn't heat it. Because air dries when heating it when sleeping, I do not think it is good for the body.

It follows a balanced diet by the proper quantity.

It doesn't become a healthy dieting in having increased the size of a meal. Meal is assumed to be a as usual moderate amount, and the content is made a thing that the nutritional balance was able to be taken.

It makes it to the muscular physique.

Strength training is done, whether move moderately the body fat percentage is lowered, and it makes it to the muscular physique. Generation of heat from the muscle increases, it comes not to be felt that it is cold, and can do this rules of health more easily if it does so. My body fat percentage is about 10%.

If the effect of the training to participate in the march 40 kilos of Setouchi Kurashiki two day in March, 2004 or two day march ends, the body fat percentage has become about 6%. The body fat was too low and the error came sometimes to go out by the body fat scale.   2004.03.16

Getting cold a lot of bodies seems to happen to the woman because the muscle bulks are less than men. It has the opposite result to what was intended to getting cold because the muscle bulks decrease earlier than fat if weight is lowered by dieting.

Weight decreases consequentially because fat decreases when it moves and the muscle is put up and it changes into the muscle. As a result, it is effective in the cold syndrome of the body.

A moderate movement is done.

It is not only in the house even if it is cold, and let's go out and do a moderate movement. The effective one is a thing in the stroll to walk fast usually though thought it is acceptable. I think that the cycling is also good.

Because the body generates heat because it moves, it is possible to do by even lightly dressing. Moreover, the muscle bulk of the body can be increased by the movement. This ..good one in the synergy effect.. works.