Information of health

Motive for making page of Health informatics

Because an unrelated page to electricity had increased by [asunaronetto], the page of the Health informatics collection was newly made. I want to put information etc. that I actually experienced.

It is the one that the slump variously comes out in the body when becoming a middle age even if it is thought it is always healthy. I want to write the slump of the body that happens to my body and the experience of overcoming it. It would be greatly appreciated if the speak from experience of me who doesn't use the medicine is useful.

LG21 yogurt

This photograph is an effective LG21 yogurt in Helicobacter Pylori in the stomach. The effect seems to be very large in the person that this has Helicobacter Pylori.

The yogurt that is discovered the lactic acid bacterium named LG21 that kills the [herikobakuta-] Helicobacter Pylori directly and makes it is being put on the market by Meiji Dairies. I also included and a lot of people tried. There is a wonderful effect, and my family disappears by foul breath, becomes beautiful the tongue, and seems is also very good the condition of stomach and intestines.

Bought LG21 yogurt (120g) is made [tanekin] in my home, and the packing milk of one liter is made from the yogurt manufacturer in the raw material. It eats about 100g twice a day when it is hungry. If it eats this yogurt, it seems ..except bacterium [shi].. to get the same benefit with the medicine. Please try by all means.

(It is not a translation to which the bacteria elimination can be completely done with the note   [kono] yogurt. I think that you should think that the number of bacteria decreases from the tenth to about 1/100. Though [reru] ..except bacterium.. is boiled according to the person. )

I want to inform you of information with a useful concerning with health such as Helicobacter Pylori's story, Articular rheumatism, Lightly dressed health method, Asthma and hives, and Tick and soy intolerance, and usual feeling additionally, etc.